A law, a refund and a disorder of Parliament. Women put their opposition to the benches in the government


The parliamentary forces are not agreed to a law that punishes revenge revenues, ie the release of the private private images for revenge. In the House, a change by Laura Boldrini (Leu) on the subject is rejected by most green and yellow votes for 14 votes. The Forza Italia and Pd parliamentarians in the Montecitorio room where the Red Code rules were opposed to gender and domestic violence. The session has been paused and the session will begin on Tuesday. Meanwhile, in the Assembly, the 5 stars are revealed a similar bill, in the presence of Tiziana's mother – the Naples daughter who died dead as a result of the personal videos circulated on her behalf. Web – which supports the initiative.

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Report on a difficult day. The first change to Boldrini was rejected – despite the unitary request from the opponents to agree – which aimed to introduce a new type of crime related to compensation for compensation in the Redcoat bill: it was rising to 218, 232 didn't.

Then in the evening Stefania Prestigiacomo from Forza Italia had a hard transition: "Today we are writing an ugly page of parliamentary history, we have been living in the exciting times of the classroom". This when, thanks to the diligence and understanding above all the women, the lines, but also with the support of colleagues, we were able to prioritize this by agreeing to the values ​​that are t -Read the forms of our legal system Remember the day when we agreed to the law that changed violent crime crime against the crime of every person. This bill was independent of the parties: the first sign was Finocchiaro, the radar of which was by Alessandra Mussolini, with the consent of all, but now in a self-name. t confidence and in the name of a infinitely we give the ability to follow on-voting actions by these people By remembering that we approved a motion in November to sign a name. Carfudna asked the majority and the government to do this. At this time we are disappointed with the commitment made unanimously by this House ".


Shortly after that, BP took the opponents on the government desk and the seat was stopped. By the day however many women who sat in the Parliament had commented on the theme of the day in different ways. And on Twitter too, Maria Elena Boschi from the Democratic Party will join: "In the League Room and the M5S all the changes that bring in pornography can be hit. Where is She worries about the victims of violent crime, and changes her government mind. "Finally, the leaders of the organizations in the Chamber decided: the Red Code for the Bill will go forward to Tuesday 2. April.


Giulia Sarti, the five-star star, who was also the victim of personal outputs, talked on Facebook: "I thank everyone who has, for the time, been deeply bonded with it." In my time, unfortunately, along with many other women, unfortunately, I want to stress that this issue is beyond doubt. , on which there is a revenge of porn, which is discussed in those hours in the context of the Red Code, by agreeing to change only. The case is so serious that it requires a broad debate, not just parliament, but also social and social, aimed at first-time experts, victims, families, inspectors, jurors and all the teams. States able to act as Postal and Communication Police “It's a real c Importantly, heavy regulation cannot be born incomplete.


At the same time, in the Senate 5S issued their appeal for compensation pens: written by Elvira Evangelista, it provides 6 months to 3 years imprisonment for those who publish private photos or videos which is actually true. people were tormented in a serious state of concern, fear or isolation "and the ability to make an application to the website or social media manager for noting, removing or blocking an application The penalty comes from 1 to 4 years if a person or partner commits the person so, and from 5 to 10 years if the person commits his life and there is also guidance for training. T student and school staff.

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