A lawyer from a carabinero to delete the destruction of her & # 39; card memory


Following the controversial audio record published by the old sergeant Carlos Alarcón saying he was "raped on", new information about murder Camilo Catrillanca.

Today, The Third PM he said Javier Jara, lawyer of Raúl Ávila, One of the defendants of the case said that his client did not tell the truth to show that he did not have his or her backup of images of the truth and that he did not kill him; A memory card on the GoPro camera because he had private images.

Lee also: They give a little bit to carabinero who recorded a controversial video where there seems to be a sergeant who would; opposing Camilo Catrillanca

"The only thing that I can say for now I do not know that there were private images of that card and that my client did not use the evidence"The lawyer said, so giving new information and opening new questions.

Jara took over as Raúl Ávila's lawyer after he had previously resumed his / her role to play; case back.

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