"A line of venison": Christ Quesada had been condemned for receiving images of pediatric


A game star was caught capturing Monday by the games.

There's a 39;he was involved in three cases with minors already in an "IT 12 coups de midi" television game at TF1 already, the public lawyer said from Bourg-en-Bresse to franceinfo.

► "12 middle-day rule": Christian Quesada, the accused of a minority, admits the facts t

Father of two children, Christian Quesada had been found guilty of "acts of sexual assault" and "child pornography possession" in 2002 and 2009 in the Paris area, the prosecution said. He was also sentenced to a convincing sentence.

Prison sentence

According to RTL France, a sentence of imprisonment was given in the 2000s for the conviction of Christian Quesada.

The TV game star, who won more than 800,000 euros, was arrested on a Monday by the gendarmes, discovering thousands of children's images and punishment.

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