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Bangkok – November 23 – Live Trade Index

Because sleeping is important. As a result of one-third of the life, people are often used for sleeping. For the health of their body and the brain are renewed daily. However, when the Mental Health Studies Department examined that Thais 30-40% did not sleep enough and 10% of anticombs were there. This can lead to an analysis of analysis. And the efficiency of the work down to 3 times, and also how it is likely to increase the weight easily. Reduce protection system As a result, there is a risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease. Enter the latest dark disorder. Managing Director Living Living Mall Co, Ltd. And quality home decoration. A "Perfect Sleep" launch, sleep science. Today's sleeping refreshment to suit all health. Identifying the new lifestyle at Living Living Mall, Bangna branch, launches Ambassador brand, Kimberly Ann, Temasek and 11 generations. New design For a new knowledge at Index Living Mall, the Bangna branch in the past.

The event was honored by Mr Gregory Vong, Consultant. Commercial Ambassador Advisory Office of the United States Thailand Honor as president of the service. Mr Jeff Finkberg, Governing Partner, President & COO PureCare, the world's leading sleepwear designer, from the United States. The sky is flying. Congratulate As the first distributor in Thailand. Famous health experts include Pitha Limcharoenrat, Thasasongsantha, Ploy Varin, Pakorn, Chompootut Rojasiri, and many others.

Krischanok Pattama Sattahip Managing Director Living Living Mall, Ltd, discusses the main points and concepts of "Perfect Sleep" as "Perfect Sleep." ) It was created. As we see important sleep value. Due to health it is not limited to just food. Do not use it only. But the world of medicine is known that sleeping quality is the most important thing that will keep us healthy. It also helps to & # 39; age reduction is more effective. Here we will do the furniture industry, many people often want advice on how to do it; choose a burst. For better sleeping. I know that many people now suffer from & # 39; to sleep Do not sleep completely. It is the result of his / her idea; to create a service on the new Bangna branch range. It's ready for all kinds of cure. And counseling services from a professional physiologist. "

While Pitchat Pattama Deputy Managing Director of Product Development, Living Mall Mall's Index, Ltd, added the "Perfect Sleep" service to start with three simple steps: Questioning) Introduction Everyone's sleeping way. The next step is to talk to the physiotherapy for counseling. And describe the right person according to the knowledge of each person. The ultimate measure is with. around the globe to determine how detailed analyzes, bundle and pudding results solve sleep problems in the correct location with Scanning Sleep. The device can Use this to find a lot of stress. Body on the bed The color is clear from everyone's sleep. Where is the biggest body that stresses it? Pre-processed numbers in numbers, and explain the results. And sleep apnea is the best apnea medicine available. "

"Perfect Sleep" This new place. It was created One Stop Service is a complete solution for sleep problems. With more than 1,000 square meters of space, the innovative cadets add to the "Perfect Sleep". Scientists who offer counseling are familiar with people with sleep problems. In fact, there is not enough relaxation to sleep 7-8 hours a day. But there are other factors. That's good. Bedroom The bobhst, a pillow, a & # 39; pillow and pillow, bed net. Including light and sound smell, communication science that helps sleep times become a quality time, the body and the brain rest.

Dr Wannaporn Sansitwongse Prosthodontists Tobar Vitallife Center (Basic Life) Bumrungrad Hospital Look at the tips of sleeping youngsters to see that. "On average, there is plenty of relaxation for adults at 6-8 hours. It is the result of the brain to work effectively Focus on what you do. If the rest is not enough. to reduce the efficiency of the work. The obvious problem is dry skin. There are long black eyebrows. And if there is less sleeping with it, it can affect The relationship of some hormones that promote the formation of face oil. It makes simple acne. Includes growth hormone (Hormone Fàs) to help restore the body long and he is sleeping. If we do not rest, the growth hormone is not effective. The body is weak and skin problems in Finally, but in addition to enough relaxation. Many people who overlook their correspondence should be made by c They dare. Because it's possible to breathe. It may be silk with smooth surface, not a counterpart against the surface. "

Including a & # 39; A class that deserves merit, Home Clinic publishers tell the correct scientific advice during sleep. "Quality spin is a balance of spine. With the muscle weight appropriate to the muscles. Include you to help the muscles work efficiently. In that way, we will sleep all night and improve the brain, mind and body, which is not the best one. We need know where we sleep and then sleep. Then select a bed that suits your body and for yourself. People who want to lie on the bed should be suitable for their head , shoulder, hinge, knee, side and eyes in the line. No closer to the longest "

Index Living Mall has chosen to choose the world's leading global sleepwear design from the United States, PureCare, to be the only one in Thailand. There are a variety of materials such as bed sets. A pillow, a pillow, a duvet cover, showing the use of the "CELLIANT" natural thread containing up to 13 types of minerals that are being used; used in knitting. To take a soft grasp to the skin. Relax and regenerate your sleep. It will also improve oxygen levels in the & # 39; body. Let her pain Cake tension Later, the "FRIO" banner cover is made to cool the feeling of the building thread. And the gel helps to cool the temperature up to 5 times when the body is chilled; feeling hot. Featuring the OMNIGUARD breastplate and earrings that protect brownbirds and bacteria, the material is soft and flexible. With soft cover. "TEMP SYNC" and "TEMP" Changes tight and cold temperatures. The state of the body is a & # 39; go. Including an accessible bed (INCLUDING) for sleeping. It is easy to change the body level and the right person.

Ploy Varin Pakorn published the suggestions of a healthy sleep that began to be a social girl: "Before, a person who is hard to sleep. It's very hard to sleep. I have to talk to him The doctor is sorry. Before that we stopped for a long time. End of her hair. He is sad to sleep because he always works. But we do not want to be treated by drugs, so try to solve the natural way. Working with work the organization will feel tired and want to be relaxed. Including the atmosphere In the bedroom to rest Take a comfortable bed for yourself. Because we have all allergies, we'll use a bed to help prevent your flies. "

"We often travel, we have problems changing our time on a regular basis, although we usually sleep 8-9 hours a day, but the time is Awake, be tired So choose a bed that puts pressure on pain. Decrease muscle illness. Sleep with oxygen to the body. And we like to sleep on both sides. It helps to make a breath easier. A chillog should be hugged on the brackets to reduce the weight on joints. Help to sleep all night "

Later on, the beautiful beautiful knit, Root Sirirat, opened "ordinary people do not sleep late. It's just midnight and I have to sleep 8 hours a day. A simple sleep, it's not hard. Do not think many things before the bed comes. There's a worry that you will not sleep. But we have a problem sleeping if you need to sleep in the heat. I'm feeling ill- Uncomfortable and uncomfortable. I would like to sleep cool air. Choose a bed that's cool to wake up when you wake up. "

At the end, the businessman, Pitha Lim Charoenrat, said that "sleeping is the most important thing to invest if you want to be healthy. It's a peace that means internal health strength. We are even a lot of people, but it needs to be enough. However, it can affect its performance. The important thing is to do it; sleep 15 minutes before the mobile phone. Do not add an activity that stimulates our thoughts for stress. And read books instead of that. Includes heat and cold temperatures inside their body In Japanese terms, he suggested that he would feel cold and keep warm legs. 3-4 temperatures have a degree to sleep well. "

Meet "Perfect Sleep" today at Index Living Mall Mall Bang and quickly at the Kaset-Nawamin branch.

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