A lively TV view of the live TV at TV dinner – Something went out – Sat.1 answers suddenly t


In live broadcast on the television Sat.1, it has been getting bigger than ever. Now the team is changing itself.

March 29, 2019: Finally, he was around the stick-Sat.1 (see below): a moderator mapped his private parts, debating the buffalo, and has a vulgar action with Marlene Lufen. similarities to dildo still exist in the minds of many viewers. The team like to post these eggs and often on Instagram they will be traveling around it. And we would like to accept them – including viewers, not so enthusiastic.

The miserable series of TV sets has been built on Friday, on his own way. In a debate between governor Chris Wackert and her colleague Karen Heinrichs.

Chris Wackert and her colleague Karen Heinrichs address the “events”.

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“Watching the audience, back in just four and a half hours, that's nothing but natural and hidden. Once again he met again, "Wackert welcomes those at the TV screens." It has a new nonsense TV score on TV at Sat.1, it happened again, after several attacks which we made here. T happened again. "The moderator chooses a single voice that has been badly affected. Then a phone view shows tz.de, Wackert reads the headline.

He says with enthusiasm and enthusiasm: "We must look at it again." Heinrichs then is a mixture of the five "most personal figures" and suggests that she is amongst them. Sat1.de is the favorite one – and it's very tasty. Greetings from here.

Unsuccessful answer: The team are not recommending development, but it is particularly spoiled.

The motto is clear: Breakfast is a bit of a bike on the road – and proud. Or a user's recent comment: "The program cannot be saved, but that's the best way of doing it."

Piglet scandal on the television at Sat.1: Something has gone out – the team is giving a quick time for news t

March 28, 2019: It happened again! Once again it was pushed on TV Sat.1. This time, however, Matthias Killing and Alina Merkau were the name of the “offenders” who held the conference on Wednesday.

Everything started well without harm. The two talked about the summer and winter time. "Something very interesting," said Killing. "Yes, you have to talk about the issue well, and that draws a long rats' tail," Merkau agrees.

This is followed by a somewhat unsuccessful move. "Well, now I have a long quasi," he said. How do you get that? Jam tail? The word we want to represent here is even too hot for the journal. Killing without hundreds of thousands of homes through theater is not breakfast. Well, at that time it looks like there was just a check, because he'd put several things up and wanted to set up traffic mail only.

Screen TV Sat.1: Moderator's hypothesis with embarrassing conversation

But when this is up, it really starts. The two moderators rode firmly on the surrounding buff. Alina Merkau is very unlucky: "Unfortunately, I have to laugh, today you have been canceled with your bin." And then you will also take off something : "Jam is not in the tail at least."

The two factors appear to be aware that this is all within or beyond the boundary. "In that, do you have the chance to save the presentation?" They feel despair and give news to Ina Dietz.

Instagram's clip triggered a great deal of reactions, even with a colleague the moderator Chris Wackert, who had forced his private business a few days before (see below). "I can't now," he laughs. “Breakfast is not at least too big for being so funny to say," another fan says. "I am tired of laughing", confessing another viewer. " "So, then," said she, "does she appear to be amazed?"

The reactions are usually much appreciated and positive. But it's not just. "This woman is so unusual," he says.

And one other person summarizes: "The program cannot be saved now, but that's the best way of doing that."

Sat.1 massage of TV's live narrator will include his private parts – "flying"

On our article by March 23, 2019:

Munich – Breakfast television has laws. If you want to wake up and welcome in the morning, you need to be stronger. He can and should be silly. And it is permissible to go over times. Maybe a good taste. Or the unwritten clothing laws, which are too hot for German TV and what it says.

Sat.1 TV Brass TV team deliver all of this excellent arts. How moderator Marlene Lufen can be carried away to a vulnerable task. How the moderator Alina Merkau is delivered several times with short skirts for debate. The news is hugely encouraging with Ina Dietz wearing wow. As a roofless photograph it is held in the camera. And the renowned expert Vanessa Blumhagen will be bringing their eyes back and forth: perhaps Lufen decides to clue it as an asshole, and he gets a lot of support.

Sat.1 Breakfast TV: Moderator Chris Wackert holds his private parts

Now the next dirty step is causing debate. The starting point was extremely harmless: Lufen and his colleague Chris Wackert carried out a studio test on the so-called Faszienrolle, which is regarded as a healthy marvel (explain Merkur.de * details). Talking to her, it's getting tightening out and getting the connectors encouraged. Usually you lie down with your back or shoulders. And so it weighs on the back.

But Wackert seems to have misunderstood the thing. With full intent. As a video on the INSET page of all the television programs, he put the wrong way down. And he did his hard work for his private parts with the Faszienrolle. "Indeed the Faszienrolle should be relegated to the last. With Marlene Lufen and Chris Wackert something else has appeared," the television team is proud to announce the following:

With regard to soft porn music, Lufen explains how to put the weaver roll, which is a “lucky donor”, ​​for the spine. Wackert wants to listen and shout: "I can do the other way too, I have told myself. This is done over the crooks." Wackert is tirelessly rolling over his private parts and annoying him.

"What are you doing there?": A television presenter is thinking about her colleague t

"What are you doing there," Lufen's wonders. “I am recording, I was just looking at YouTube, trying Wackert.“ There is no rest here. I think we will be making a bubble area, ”she corrected it. laughter jobs. Before it receives STILL dingier, it is rapidly spreading.

That is certainly not the spine that is influencing Chris Wackert. And not there with the hips.

© screen shot

There were lots of people who could not be interested – it would be good or bad. Some of the activity was very funny. "I laughed in the morning, thanks to you," wrote Instagram. "You smiled at me with your gift," he adds.

"Disgusting": Not all TV viewers are getting funny

But as usual, when breakfast is getting a little unhealthy, it also happens. "That was so worrying, someone was so tired of Instagram." The Nanana daisy, another hero is like a joke.

You might need to expect these little responsibilities just when you switch on Sat.1. And that's just why there are so many supporters …

On the same day, he got a little worse also on "Let's Dance". For more.


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