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Beijing's time on November 26, after six months of flight into the area, Insight's detector arrives near Mars quickly and plans to return to Mars on Monday in the United States.from

After leaving the ground and her & # 39; going through a 301 million long-term route (548 million kilometers), the Marsh Aspect Surcharge will be on Mars around 3pm EST (4 times Beijing's time on Tuesday).

The Jet Propulsion Jet Laboratory is confidently trying to make a final correction with the Inspector's orbit on Sunday, bringing it closer to the induction center into the Martian atmosphere.

If everything is done well, the Insight will enter the Martian atmosphere at a distance of 12,000 miles (19310 km) in almost 24 hours. At the time Mars comes ashore, it will restrict the atmosphere, parasites and brackets. slow the distance of the vision. After 6.5 minutes of landing, the Inspector sent 5 miles (8 km).

After surging Mars, the Inspector will be silent for 16 minutes, waiting for the dust that is turned around the site; come to "position" and then take forward cellular sun.

Engineers at the Jet Devulsion Laboratory hope to use small satellite that will be launched at the same time to prove that the Insight is safely landed.

The Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory is also hoping to get a picture of the location around the tour site.

Insight's induction place is about 373 miles (600 km) from the Rover Curiosity 2012 Fun Point.

The 800-not (360 cg) vision is the Mars Mission 21st March (which includes the intention of flying over Mars in the 1960s).

Creation of rocky planets appears

Insight is the first detector in search of the mystery under Mars surface. It will use seismic and underground scrutiny in the next 24 months (about 1 year of Mars) to explore Mars and Earth in more than 4 billion years ago. The foundation and creation of rocky planets.

Bruce Banerdt, Insight's top researcher and surgical exam scientist, said at a week's news conference, "Prayers will help us to understand the shape of their planet".

Although the Earth's structure and other forces have destroyed most of its early history, it is believe that Mars has its original state preserved, creating a geological device for scientists.

The leading scientific device carried by Insight is a sensitive seismograph that is made in France that detects its & # 39; The smallest vibration caused by the "Mars earthquake" and its meteor effect.

Scientists expect to be able to; looks at an earthquake of 10 to 100 Mars through the two missions, and the data that comes out will appear; help them to understand the size, density and representation of Mars.

There was also a seismograph on Marsh Viking words that was launched in the 1970s, but located on the top of the track, this design has not been very influential.

The Insight also produces drill carried out in Germany that can be used to do so. drill up to 16 feet (5 meters) deep into the ground.

The radio transmission device is responsible for signing the Earth to monitor the motorcycle that Mars is not aware of, to maximize its size; "Martian" mucus and is still weak.

NASA officials commented that the Marshes and the next Mars mission, as well as other actions that remain in the design plan, will be a conversation on human exploration on Mars.

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