A look at the ISS on the Soyuz rocket of Hollywood directors to unrequited


In a video that's like something that would create a special effects shop, the ESA storyteller Alexander Gerst took one of the most spectacular scenes of the rocket box we've ever seen.

This incredible time shows that the Russian Soyuz rocket was launched on 16 November 2018 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The MS-10 advance spacecraft was filled with a value of 2564kg of satellite users above the rocket, which can be seen on the route to the International Free Press.

The ISS is approximately 400km above Earth's surface, and moves at around 28,000km / h. The running of the supply will be launched after the ISS is running, and # 39; let the cargo boats go ahead and build up the route around two days, and in this situation was November 18, 2018.

On camera, the specialist engineer, Alexander Gerst, the European Spouse, video inside a Cupola model built in Europe. The game is between the ages of eight to 16 hours; run, and will make 15 minutes of pictures in one minute.

In terms of specific mammals, the Soyuz-FG rocket division occurs at a & # 39; 7-second signal, followed by the basic separation at 19 seconds. At 34 seconds, the main level will begin to burn in the atmosphere, and # 39; Return to Earth after breaking its & # 39; fuel. Looking to burn it's a cool cool review. After this point, the speed spacecraft is splitting from the rocket and its output; go to orbit to the ISS request.

The Gerst video shows a rocket-like view that is not normal to us, but it is still another reminder of the spectacular view of the ISS. Because this video is, however, it looks like it's pretty similar to what it looks like personally.

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