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In training with All Blacks

In November 2004, All Blacks, who had never played Rome, reported into their training on the Union's capitoline rugby range as there was no It has ever happened in Europe. That evening writing as it was then published on its Messenger. Italy will return to New Zealand again tomorrow at 3:00 pm at Olimpico in the third Cattolica Assicurazioni trial game last in the autumn.

The blow is strong: from ko. The ground will bend and bend it; sun and grass and her sand flying far behind: to stand up we must keep our companions together. Then, 890 kilometer of muscles, strips, puffs and sweat start with a & # 39; pushing another ton of live meat and coming into the field as if it were a vehicle boy.

The Black Blacks are anti-mechanical face: the smallest technology (the melee device) against the physical and mental technical knowledge of eight giants who catching their teeth and dumping the field with the cleits to enter the legends and; attacking the rugby jerseys most likely in the world. He works so and to see you pretty close you must be pylons or guests of All Blacks on the Capitoline Union field during the "All Blacks" training, led by the "everlasting" supporter, Adidas, has let into the first time a reporter was included.

It is a simple close-angle machine of steel tubes, you will take note of the booklet: the maximum plane, 2 meters and 80, ground strip; the shortest one, one meter and 10, supports four legs just with the three of the first centuries; stretching their shoulders. Oh, they keep up … The metal mines and cuisine are shouting when Mike Cron, the iron salad coach (one of 18 staff technology led by Graham Henry) a & # 39; Convener: "Scrum" (close).

Following three of the first lines, Somerville, Oliver and Taumoepeau, there are five other players: they are 8, but they seem to have just one caterpillar, or not be able to throw the machine with a heavy 11 , including the reporter. At ten centimeters from the Somerville hole, 110km, from the gully that bends as the tires on the asphalt and the cheeks near its; Excavating, one thinks about why the pylons performed at París just after they tried to Hell on Earth.

Then below: one, two ten blends, then affecting the reservoirs, but the same is, even more holes, grunts and hard face because this shirt needs to be circulated at all costs. Among the passengers also, Ali Williams, 2 meters and 2 for 115 not, is supported by the shoulder of the guest well below that and then, Looking forward to saying: "Everything right?" Now, though, while Graham Lowe, fitness training has not been so successful, is not so good for hospitals, it is possible for hostels to support their clients, a private attack, a side step (change of distance) and instrument instruments and order it after the half hour run Corey Flinn, 2 caps, 108-pounder, and Luke McAlister, opening of 98, captains and captains. an under 21 world war, which needs to work individually because they are injured.

Even if the people did not compile these twenty years, the age of the reporter would not be too hard, but the curse is long. And he never lost the corner of the field … At the same time, in the middle coaches, Steve Hansen and Wayne Smith carry out high-speed action activities to areas that are a & # 39; going on and trocar: almost the ground for an amazing and happy joy with the thousand children on Capitolina tribune. The eyelids did not fall ashore in Rome and it looks like.

The training lasts an hour and 30 minutes, and incentives are outside, the players do not; leave word: complete accordion. The mouth of the giants will open in the catching room, especially to eat blended fruit, chocolate crops "to smell a" wood "that needs boots from All Blacks and even – This is difficult to cast – tuna with chili. Everything has been taken by blind Arzillo Errol Collins, who travels around the world three tons of equipment and food after her; a group of almost 60 people, including 32 players.

Tana Umaga, the captain, drinks when he sees a child's hand coming out of the door; Holding a pen and paper to expect thousands of bands that are going to be the same. behave out: well, Captain All Blacks caps and bends; sign on the floor. Doug Howlett, the beautiful scenery, and asks what they say, apparently, to a daughter: "I have not much Italian".

No, at least before the previous day, Mai's Noah made her image around her eyes with a mask, made, according to it, just for the test games. Smiles, with a court: "Please, first, go ahead, why not try the duck?", All All Blacks are in hands, really to know that a reporter in the department room .

Note: after 14 years, Mike Cron is still an All Blacks technician at the end of the world-wide competitors in 2011 and 2015. It is a full record of a long time. When he meets the reporter again, whether he is in New Zealand or in England or in Rome, as he has met today, he tells him "Scrum" and his And plague a disastrous slap on his back.

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