A man has been cold for four years so that doctors get the cause terrible


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Greg Phillpotts was struggling for years with a nose thrown. When he could not breathe, he went to the clinic. What doctors find out is not incredible.

Due to his nose being severely moved, Greg Phillpotts had to even be at # 39; Keeping some of the nose trees – New York's lasting cold has been awful for four years.

His first suspicion was that cancer was wrong. Identify all the doctor with whom you have; He agreed in the last years of another state: once and then he would; It was an emergency disease once, & # 39; that there was an emergency disease.

A doctor can not stop the permanent cold – until he has been able to stop it. it rises

"I prepared my food, I stood in the kitchen and it was mixed with the tools – the whole dinner was damaged," said Phillpotts, the US News ABC television channel about his & her; spread out. He was always scared to get rid of his nose suddenly"It can happen in any place, you could be on the plane, you could just talk to someone and the stuff out of your face".

He did not finish his problem until the situation arose. At any time it was so bad that New York's 43-year-old man was out of breath and did not find sleep at night. Phillpotts was appointed for Dr. Study Alfred Iloreta at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. He got the last: Greg Phillpotts was running brain dishes out of his nose!

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Make this simple self-test – – and you know if your brain is healthy, The

When does the doctor have a cold cause?

Dr. ABC news broadcaster told us that it is a stream that spreads the brain to & # 39; pulling a squirrel. If this vessel flows out of the nose, bacteria may arise and so on. affecting the brain. A brain surgery (brain fever) then, The

Phillpotts was fortunate: After a very aggressive surgeon The doctors closed the "leak", that is why it was always cold when it was in the past.

It is very rare for cold that shows how the brain is causing a brain; escape. But it's happening. Dr. Much of Mount Sinai Hospital provides plenty of advice when secretary escapes from one nose for a long time. Taste of salted and severe illness It is also a sign that you should go to the doctor as quickly as possible.

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