A man in Tennessee who was suspected of arresting a children's attack in Alabama


One of Tennessee said an attack on a 16-month-old child was now arrested after being arrested in Alabama, said the police.

Simon Dean Porter, 33, from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, was arrested on Sunday's Saturday Saturday, Scottsboro, Alabama, according to the Tennessee Research Bureau.

Porter was added to the top 10 bureau list last year after informing the authorities about the invasion by physicians at the Vanderbilt Medical Center. Porter had demanded a severe emergency.

Her mother's mother Barbara Wright urged her son to enter on Friday.

"Mac, take yourself inside," Wright told WKRN. "I wish you so much a son. I do not want to be hurt. I do not want anything to happen to you. Do the right thing, you know that you did not do this, get it self, convince them that you are innocent. "


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