A man is killed by a man, and a woman is injured in Fortaleza Ceara


One man died and one woman was injured after attacking the Vila Velha town in Fortaleza on Sunday (10). The victims said he did not accept 13 mice, the police said. A woman was caught under suspicion of capturing suspects.

According to police, both were in a car when they were burned. Matheus Thiago Menezes did Nascimento 19 years of age and had no ticket for the police. He and his wife tried to escape, but they could not and finished their. fall behind.

Matheus died in the place. The woman was rescued and brought to the Dr José Frota Institute (IJF).

The two recently had relationships, according to family members. Women who used to be involved in drug trafficking were commonplace.

Police did not say how many people are suspected of being involved in the crime.

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