A man is running on board a scooter in the Roma neighbors


Users in social networks criticized the lack of attention they were having to the impact and were moving to another side.
A motorist runs over a scooter user in Colonia Roma. Photo: Screenshot

Renaissance, March 21, 2019. A beat someone for a car while driving scooter in the streets Colonia Roma.

A video that is circulating on the web shows the time the accident happened, which took place last Tuesday at 4:56 pm.

In the recording you can see how this depressing user is getting out across the street, encouraging the traffic light is very high for the cars.

But a driver accepts the signal and turns around just now when the man on board arrives to rest the other one.

So far we don't know whether the driver of the scooter has appealed against the authority against the driver.

On the other hand in social networks, users criticized the lack of attention and attention to the other people that were driving.

This is added to the man who met at the beginning of March in Avenida Chapultepec, where their lives were lost.

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