A man on a bar to kill a murder in 2017 in killing independence FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – A man who had been banned to kill the independence of 2017 was murdered in a Sunday attack.

Michael T. Dumas, 27, costs against a first step step, first step attack and two military crime counts, according to Sir Jackson Prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker.

A home independence police responded to the 3800 block of S. Sterling Street just before 5:30 on Sunday morning on a double statement burning, according to court records. They got the two victims at home.

Witnesses told police officers that Dumas had been involved with his & her; recent murderous victim, named Sarah Simms.

The witness told the police that Dumas was suspected in the murder of 2017 and was linked.

Simms, the victim of a Sunday soldier, was a collaborative evidence in the 2017 crime, according to the evidence.

A witness explained how the Dumas killed a gun with a gun and injured the second victim. The gungun police got at that time. Dumas was parked outside and shells were found similar to the one found at the dead scene near the vehicle.

Independence police said Dumas was arrested shortly before 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

Patients have requested $ 750,000.


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