A man took hold of full blood from his bronchies


Illness or death of a patient is always a sad news, but, at the same time, it is often an opportunity to value complexity of the human body.

This has happened a few days ago at the University of California medical center in San Francisco, where a 36-year-old human health condition has taken a picture surprise to the doctors.

The patient was brought into the intensive care unit with "bad concern heart failure ongoing, "according to the doctors Gavitt A. Woodard and Georg M. Wieselthaler, the doctors who were dealing with the person, New England Journal of Medicine.

When they arrived, doctors contracted for several days to help put blood away and to stop clocks from creating.

During that time, the person was struggling to rediscover and turn their feet blood

Despite the medication, the patient continued to; cough clots

In one of his sections of coughs, the man put off a clot from bronchi of his right lungs.

This is not unusual, according to doctors, but something that took care of the doctors was the way "whole" in which the clot was.

"When a person who expects a clot is always divided into several pieces, a clot will never be lost all in all of bronchies, "Dr. Wieselthaler, heart and lung surgeon tells BBC Mundo.

"But this was a matter very funny We need to share it with our medical community. "

Two days later, the arrested man and even though he had no more ban on him, death A week later because of friendships.


Your Dr. Wieselthaler, there is not a case is longer than "a surprise", which leaves two messages important.

"For the medical range, the notification is: see, when your patient has heart failure symptoms, add the patient to a medical center with the appropriate remedies time"

According to Wieselthaler, in this case the blood in the lungs was just one talk heart failure.

But there is also a shocking image that leaves a lot of lessons whole.

"People should be aware of when they enter into an advanced degree of this disease on those types of information and that is it is not fun, in this case he died. "

"This kind of storytelling should guide people to think about their own body, because without health There is nothing. "

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