A man walked out of Connecticut prison who was 13 years ago saying he was free. The feds came last week telling him that he is 16 months.


The people of Philadelphia stayed in Connecticut, and they stayed out of trouble. He has two jobs, living in a beautiful place and belongs to a church.

But last week, the US's eight Marshals came to his home. He was sure he was after the wrong man. He had not committed a crime of more than 13 years. They asked him to come with them to court that he had a 16-month army sentence to serve the crimes he had committed in Philadelphia.

Anderson was of the opinion that his state was equivalent to his own. And when he got out of an early prison, there were no federal officers to take to another facility.

When he got out and found work, he told his parking officer, and he had a life of crime.

But during an internal audit, federal regulators said that Anderson had served prison for his whistle tax. Pennsylvania's judge asked to give warrant for his arrest.

There is a "brutal and unusual punishment", which a lawyer says

Michael Dolan from the Dolan Solicitor in New Haven helped Anderson release the day on which the machair took him and he has been working with federal whistleblowers to keep their client away. be to prison again.

"I certainly think it is a very cruel and unusual punishment," said Dolan on Thursday.

Anderson was kept first in Connecticut, but in 2004 he was sent to Pennsylvania where he was locked up, and was waiting to be whistleled about the costs of deceitful money. After being convicted in 2005 he was returned to Connecticut where he was charged with production charges and other charges. The judge said the sentences would be running at the same time, Dolan said.

"Division of corrections will carry out warranty inspection, cleaning audit," said Dolan for CNN's Don Lemon. "We believe that was repaid in 2006. t

"I can't speak to why they went back to this or why this wasn't taken earlier," he said.

Dolan said that he had never seen an issue like this. He wants to speak to the US Prison Bureau on the legal principle of introducing conviction for “undue time for freedom.” “It is normally sent to condemned convictions and not sent to prison or released from prison.

'I'm scary, I'm scared. It's dull, it's dark … & # 39;

The worst case is a whistle judge is putting Anderson into prison next week.

"It is really precarious now," said Dolan.

Anderson and Dolan told Lemon that Anderson's brother had killed his parents in 2016. The loss of the murderers, Anderson, is being taken to cure and thought there was a whistling worse prison. totally.

"It's scary, I'm scary. It's gloomy, it's dark; I can't think of it. I don't think I could handle it by going through," he said.

Anderson is currently making an application to President Donald Trump to remove his sentence.

"I am at the time of mercy to the President, to repair this," he said. “I still believe in the legal system so that they can get corrected.

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