A man was killed by a Calgary woman, a daughter because her brother had been added: Crown


Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press

Published Monday, November 26, 2018 11:58 EST

Last updated, November 26, 2018 4:16 PM EST

CALGARY – A man who was convicted in a double murder killed a woman who tried to defend her close relationship and then put on a five-year-old daughter of a girl who was a witness, which the prosecution said. Crown Monday.

Edward Downey, 48, is convicted of a first step murder in the death of Sara Baillie, 34, and his daughter Taliyah Marsman in July 2016.

In a silent voice, over, Downey kept guilty Monday before a jury was sworn in the Calgary courtroom.

The prosecutor Carla MacPhail in her opening statement said that Baillie was close friends with her beloved Downey, who could not be identified but A.B. due to discontinuance.

She told the jury that Downey met her lover in front of her Baillie. He was also sending & # 39; Baillie blamed for AB decision. to break up and not work for him as a supporter, she said.

MacPhail said his lover was more than a partner in her bills and brought her home and a car.

"You will be asked to consider the consequences of Mr Downey's impact," MacPhail said to lawyers.

She commented on the worries of relatives when a Baillie did not appear until July 11 for her shift as a customer at Chili's Grill and Bar at Calgary Airport and Taliyah did not attend day care.

Baillie 's sister, Marilynne Hamilton, found that the friends and family involved were searching for a constituency series subordinates to their bailiff later on the same day.

She said Bhaillie's vestry was on her husband's room floor and was still in store. IPad Taliyah was hugged on the bed – unusual, as the child would not get out well with her precious device.

There was no Bail car there. MacPhail told the test that he could find a further parked on the corner.

"There's not something right," Hamilton said.

There was also a 911 friend.

Officers came and talked to Hamilton and her husband in the sitting room. Just as they finished, an officer gave a final look around.

Hamalton said she had heard a stink from the other room.

"I wanted to tell me what he saw and was Sarah and Taliyah," she said, a & # 39; crying.

"He just kept saying, & I do not know. & # 39; & # 39;

Hamalton said she was asked her and her husband to stay where they were.

"We heard it on the radio. He asked different names," she said. "He said," I need everyone here. ""

The jury heard that the founding body of Baillie was found to be filled into a laundry ground in the girl's cloth, a duct failure "surrounded around," face and neck.

Taliyah was missing and Amber Alert was released.

The girl was found dead by bus in a rural area east of Calgary three days later.

"She was almost six years old enough to kill her, especially if she knew her," said MacPhail.

Reason was considered to be; death for a mother and daughter to be equal, the jury heard.

The courtroom's public gallery was as plentiful as relatives and media that needed a supermarket overseas with video feed.

Hamilton said she was close to Baillie and Taliyah and visited four or five times a week.

Baillie loved her family and her friends, she said.

"It's the kind of person who would last the last dollar in her bank to someone else she needed," she said.

"She loved Taliyah." Taliyah was alive. "

When asked if a Baillie was defensible from Taliyah, Hamilton said she was. She was asked if that was true for her friends and family.

"Indeed," replied Hamilton.

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