A man who added a secondary student when she died was getting less than 3 years imprisoned


EVERETT, Wash. – One of the 20-year-old Washington state was convicted of Thursday to three years in prison to move a secondary student when she died from poor drug drugs and texted her half-nude pictures.

Judge Superior Court, Linda Krese, said she could not convince Brian Varela for more than 2 years and 10 months, It was the prison time allowed for someone who had no previous crime record, said the Daily Herald.

Varela had made a complaint guilty of a second step, a third-step ban, and a # 39; illegally escaped as part of a claim in the death of Alyssa Noceda who was 18 years of age.

Krese said she was "surprising, even tough," with the sentence enough and suggested that the lawyer of the states would not have affected their decision when they put pieces of jail for the costs.

"I'm not sure the Legislation has been considering something like this," said Krese.

Varela told investigators that Noceda was a party in February 3 northeast of the Lynnwood Seattle landmark. In the Varela room, he said that Noceda snorted Percocet and also a vibrant marijuana, and the court documents say. Trials subsequently revealed that it had a fatal mix of fentanyl and alprazolam, a common name for Xanax.

She fell within a minute of the couple's mix, told Varela to researchers. The authorities did not ask Varela to help Noceda and instead he sent her pictures to her friends and her friends. texting "LOL, I think it's still breathing."

Varela played an online game until he fell asleep, waking up in the morning to find Blue Noceda's bills, said court documents.

He went to work at Dairy Queen and his colleague told the police in the following days after Varela said he did not know if Noceda was still alive when he was getting sex. Court records say he told your friend that she died with me. "

Varela police took that day after searching for a search warrant and found the body of Noceda in a plastic cover at the home of the suspected person.

Varela told researchers who intended to bury Noceda's corners to reduce the odor, the police said. He also told inspectors that he used his order after Noceda died when her phone was opened February 4 and sent messages to make her show that she had run.

In the court on Thursday, Varela only said, "I'm sorry for my silly actions. Whatever I get, I deserve it."

Noceda's mother and sister cried out when they learned the illness.

"You may want to walk cheap for that period of time," said Noceda's sister, Rachelle Palmer.

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