A man who died with a shot was the one who kept a catching order


In the autumn of Wednesday, a man with a crab in the clause went into La Serena Hospital, which was abandoned outside the health center by a group of people who did not know who were moving in a car, and until they closed this edition was not set.

The patient was benting in the field behind his head, and was diagnosed with brain death. Despite the efforts of medical center medical staff, the death of the patient was confirmed during the evening, at 12:30.

"We are searching, looking at the cameras to find out if we can get a patent. We believe that the most likely to be a change to accounts ", Major Juan Carlos Pérez Suzuki

According to information given by Carabineros to El Día, the deceased person was identified as Pablo Cesar Olivares Ríos, 31, who has been arrested for arresting a crime arrest, which supports the theory that the event to & # 39; do with the previous initiatives.

In dialogue with the "Gran Angular" radio program, Mistral (95.1 FM), Major Juan Carlos Pérez Suzuki, said, "we are looking, and watch the cameras to get out if we can get a patent. We believe that it is the most likely that it might be a change to accounts ", and # 39; Delete this way "error incident".

In addition, from the PDI they found that the consensus of the founders of a Marital Bracelet, which is "diligent, diligent, as severe in Serena hospital, as in in other areas, to establish the situation the burning would have occurred, "said the re-recommendation Cristian Lobos.

However, Sergio Galleguillos, the director of an emergency nursing nurse in La Serena, told El Día that the people with whom the deceased did not know, knowledge immediately, however because of the badness he was injured He lost his life in the place. 6001i

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