A man who had been police poles in Edmonton after attempting to do it


A man who was sent to his police at the Gold Bar on Wednesday night he tried to go into the house; a place where there was a 13-year-old man at home, the police department's police guard told Friday.

Devlin Neyando, 26, died outside the room near 47 Street and 101A Avenue just after 9 p.m. Wednesday after what police said they were meeting with officers.

Press release from the Alberta Accident Response Team (ASIRT) said the police finished the furniture around the furniture after trying to break up. A while later, the one who was suspicious of the house came with two knives.

The police opposed the face, and tried to go ahead with ARWEN – a starter told a "non-deadly" heat-resistant fire, ASIRT.

Then two police officers put their pistols to the man, and hit "several" tours. Police had a & # 39; giving relief until EMS came in but died at the time.

Neyando had been required by a police on five taxes including an invasion and illegal reduction from women from earlier events.

The first police began the two types of rooms in East Edmonton around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday after reports that a 28-year-old woman was challenged and sent over several days.

When the officers arrived, they found a woman injured and then asked Neyando for two numbers of invasion that caused physical, fear, and accidental harm; Provides threats as well as illegal restraint.

The officers left the room but they returned that night when Neyando returned, that is when the defeat came to burn.

Police responded to the & # 39; woman and man, the police said.

Court documents show that Neyando was due to appear in a regional court later on; this month on two accounts of an attack by army, attack and failure to comply with an industry.

Autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

Neyando's family and friends have been left to die suddenly.

On social media, his mother, Donna Neyando of Fort McPherson, N.W.T., thanked his friends and family to give support.

"It's been a day-to-day trial but with God's unlimited love we can share partnership, love and strength," she wrote.

"Continue to spread love, laughter and confidence."

The death of Neyando was the second fatal shooting that was involved in his death; police in Edmonton in just over a week.

On Valentine's Day, the death of the officers of a man near 71 Street and 79 Avenue in King Edward's Park after saying that he shot a gun at his house; police in a "seriously at stake" that was part of a surveillance.

Buck Evans was calling for special qualifications and was considered "armed and dangerous" when he was arrested, ASIRT said.

ASIRT has analyzed both estates.

– With files from Juris Graney

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