A man who was attacked by the hospital after a break-in, a huge attack


There is a man in the hospital after he was seriously injured in breaking and falling into Thursday night.

Calgary police were called to block 600 of 68th Avenue S.W. For breaking reports and submit.

With a police assistant, a person was brought to hospital in a state of emergency, which could be a life threat.

A neighbor told him that he heard a door that was kicked before the police arrived quickly.

"This is likely to be the worst street in the area," said Ryan Wager, who lives close to where the bankruptcy and the violent route were held.

"Two nights in a row (last week) someone was arrested just against the fence, the next night, the same. There are lots of cops (in the area)."

Megan Smith, who also lives close to crime, says that he is not an unusual event; to see cops in the area.

"There is a high homeless population in the area, so there are lots of things that happen with that," she said, police that disturb her.

"I heard from our neighbors the next door that many cars have been stolen (near crime). It's a kind of area."

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