A man who was convicted during the prison trip received $ 175,000


A BC man who had been taken on a prison journey when he was a teenager was a criminal offense and was convicted of residents when the experience gained $ 175,000, following the reign of High last year BC.

The management comes due to a case recorded by the victim, identified in court documents such as B.E.S, who is now 54 years old.

According to court documents, B.E.S. was a sexual assault. when they had a tour of the Oakalla jail – a momentum in Burnaby now – in the late 1970s, as part of the trip that was considered a "Scared Straight" journey.

That trip led to a breakthrough that BES has been home-to-home, having confirmed one of the school friends and two others to enter the house and to steal what they can.

After his first attempt to fail, B.S and his friends returned to the same home the next day, where they drunk orange gut and successfully stole large television.

The police were informed of the contravention and the arrest of B.S.S. and his friends almost immediately. A police officer B.S.S. home, where his mother, was disturbing her son's news, "banning" from a "#; supporting his friends.

The "Scared Straight" program

B.S.S. had gone to court as a result of his opinion, and he was here that the judge stated that there was a "terribly straightforward" program for that type of crime and asked his parents if they were & # 39; allowing him to participate.

B.S.S. His parents told him but they agreed he did not know what was in a "terribly straightforward" program.

A few months after his court, B.S.S. taken from home with a female probation officer who gave him to Oakalla.

When they arrived, they went through the main door and walked down a hall. He was asked to sit down in a room on the left side while the probationary officer had a & # 39; talk to a guard. Then, the defender "caught" and won a staircase of one or two steps, according to court documents.

At the top of the steps, they turned correctly. The keeper who supported B.S.S. telling her other protection, sitting at a desk, to go away.

B.S.S. He said at that time, five courtesies stood around and kept their defense going to; pushing B.S.S. Enter your cell with them and lock the door, telling B.E.S. they were going to show him what the jail was like.

Then the people who then went on to go to # 39; bending – making B.E.S "big pian."

Finally, the garden opened the door and removed it from the cell and took a B.S.S. outside, over a parking car and downstairs. He opened a door to a place where there were four or five cells.

The B.S.S. in one of the cells and locked it for a while. When the defender left it, he was pushed against the wall and said that no one would believe him. B. Then he walked upstairs, where he met his probationary officer and returned home.

The event was explained in court documents made public after the regulation.

He imprisoned many walks

Located in Burnaby, Oakalla closed – known as the Lowerland Regional Correctional Center in 1970 – closed on June 30, 1991 and is a site of new housing development.

Before being closed, however, many youth trips ranged from 1978 to 1981, according to court documents. These tours consistently consisted of teenagers being left alone, locked in dark cells, and made to absorb different forms of abuse

In making his decision, Justice Jennifer Duncan wrote that he did not. She discovered that B.E.S. which was converted sexually by several custodians at the Oakalla jail as a result of correction officer functions and that their divisions are highly tied to the actions of the unidentified officer.

B. The award of $ 150,000 was awarded in non-financial damage and $ 25,000 for the cost of future care.


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