A man who was killed and killed after struggling with the police of Edmonton


The area where police were involved in hunting near 47A Street and 101a Avenue in Edmonton on Thursday 3 January 2019. Photograph by David Bloom

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A man was required to kill and kill the unlawful victimization of women at the Gold Bar house and killed by Edmonton police last night, the deadly officer was involved in hunting in just a few week.

The police dealt with the room near 47 Street and 101A Avenue in the Bar's Gold neighborhood just after 9 p.m. – the only home where a woman was attacked over several days – when the 26-year-old man left the residence, to meet police before fire officers were opened.

First Aid Police got to EMS but the person died at the time.

The man was asked for five warranties after the earlier report that a 28-year-old woman had put an opponent within the same home over several days, the police said.

Officials first came to the home at 2:30 p.m. and found the wounded woman, ordered that the person who arrested two taxes of attack that caused physical, fear, and / Provides threats as well as illegal barriers.

The police left but they returned to the home on Wednesday night after the man said he returned.

The woman and the man knew each other, police said in the early statement on Thursday morning.

Police officers were not injured in this case.

Alberta The Alberta Accident Response Team (ASIRT), the continent's police watchdog, started researching the burning.

Footprints and blood at Street 47 and 101A Avenue in the Gold Bar where a 26-year-old was killed by her; police.

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Blowing Boxes Day

The death of police forces is a Day; Together, when the death of a man's near 71 Street and 79 Avenue in King Edward's Park after he said he had put a gun after police after a "big at risk".

Buck Evans was calling for special qualifications and was considered "armed and dangerous" when he was arrested, ASIRT said.

ASIRT investigations reported that the 34-year-old police post was guarded by police officers and defended Chevrolet red truck. Multi-operatives also launched launching devices.

Evans were brought to hospital shortly after the accident but he died later.

According to court records, convictions and fees before Evans were dating back to 2003. Shortcomings were recently awarded for the arrest of Evans on November 28 to keep control material and not to a & # 39; comply with their probation order.

In a different opinion in February 2018 and in January 2017, Evans had a lifetime ban on having a firearm. His previous five-year fire vaccine was released in 2005 and a 10-year ban was granted in 2011.

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