A married man who is said to have been hanged by China for death and her body burned


He was a married man who was alleged to have been involved in a number of women when one of them threatened to share the danger of his site with his boss.

As it was agreed that China, Leslie Khoo Kwee Hock, 50, had told her she had killed a brutal murder by the goal without finding behind them, t prosecution. Researchers found only fragments of their hair, clothing and hooks when they arrived at Lim Chu Kang Lane 8, where Khoo was said to have burned the body of Cui Yajie over three days.

On Tuesday (March 12), Khoo said there was a test of one number of murder by causing bodily harm, which he knew was likely to kill Cui. He seems to have performed the 30-year-old, who was then a senior engineer at MediaTek Singapore, in his morning car on 12 July 2016.

Opening his case on Tuesday, the prosecution, represented by the Deputy Public Superintendent Tan Wen Hsien, announced “dead murder and robot by carlatan”.

The relationship between Cui and Khoo, which started in 2015, was based on Khoo's 'bed of lies' which showed that he was single before he changed his story to a separated man. according to witnesses. He was indeed married with a son.

He also told Cui and other women that he had a washing family business and was a wealthy businessman. In fact it was a member of staff working as a shop manager with Dryclyn Express.

But he was not just happy about standing about his working circumstances.

Women forced to invest in 'business'

He asked Cui and the other women to send money into his 'business' and in gold. For accused offenses, there are four fine tunes against Khoo and two crime breaches of trust costs – not the case of six charges.

As their relationship continued, Cui was unhappy that Khoo was spending much time with the 'wife' and his son, or at work.

Cui wanted to spend more time with him and she wanted money back. The two were often influenced by muskets, heard by the people and colleagues from Cui, according to the attack.

On 11 July 2016, around 12.44pm, Khoo discovered that Cui had sent a Facebook message that his wife said, “hv (sic) has been split like that, so leave Leslie Far …… away !!! Do not share the smoke with anyone and send it away as a family longer !!! ”.

When Khoo's wife confronted him and said he had been mourning her, Khoo refused to know the messenger knew.

Cui also wanted Khoo to return the $ 20,000 she had given him for "gold investment". Before her death, she had only been given the second sum.

On 12 July 2016, things came to an end when Cui pointed out that he would be affecting the Khoo employer in his workplace.

(Khoo) he saw the cart house he built. He knew that if (Cui) worked in his workplace, his lips would be open and his job and family would be at risk, ”said Tan DPP.

Soldiers said Khoo had been charged about $ 24,000 from the previous washing industry, and sent four other women around $ 65,000 by asking them to invest in his "laundry industry".

How murder was committed

Khoo was convinced he would stop from Cui from doing his risk. He attacked her by taking her in her car before coming to his place of work.

“While it was in the car, it choked up with great strength so that it stopped moving,” said Tan DPP. “After he was choked, he covered the covers of his marks by striking down her body and personal effects. ”

Khoo said her body had been burned with charcoal and kerosene by Lim Chu Kang Lane 8 over the next three days. At one time, he pulled the semi-burnt body into a drain, so that it would fire it away from view.

Police investigations led to Khoo bringing the police to the scene and admitted he had killed her and burned her body to “nothing left”. Only her hair was left, pieces of cloth and a brassiere hook belonging to Cui.

On Tuesday, a close friend of Cui, Wu Wenjuan, told the court how the lovers had met, according to the victim's account.

Wu confirmed that Cui had gone to a condominium in hope of getting up with a friend of old. Gathan drew attention to Khoo, who appeared from a nearby unit. Later, while Khoo was giving him a lift in his car, he asked her to be a sweetheart.

“It is telling her, you are as well if you don't, your grandmother will not know how to recognize you; it lost,” said Wu, who was speaking. through Mandarin interpreter.

Cui didn't accept the request that day but they were engaged in an affair within one month, against his friend's advice.

Cui soon found out that Khoo was married by doing online research on his name. But Khoo said that he had separated for three years.

Wu also proved that Cui tried to be heavy with Khoo's baby to start a new family.

“Cui) feeling that if he could have baby with (Khoo) he would spend less time with his own son and spend more time and energy in (a) married life t new, ”tried Wu.

To make her job easier, Cui went through an operation in May 2016 to give a small boost to her uterus, according to Wu.

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