A Microsoft memo will block the joke from April


It is in early April and Fool heritage in April is bound to be preparing for the best of April 1 April. However, this day seems to be the worst day of the year for those who do not support the same enforcement, pushing pranks and fearful concerns about this heritage and are attacking social media in less than a week. More than one person will be leaving this tragedy to attack, but we have tried to get on, but this is the day when people trying to avoid disobedient things have to avoid contact. nonetheless, even though some April puppies may allow users to smile.

Free technology companies are certainly not part of this tradition. Jokes has become very common with many leading companies. These are sorting from sports really. However, as well as some business activities, they can influence social media, where readers and journalists have a difficult time of convincing and false information, whatever the origin of any novel. (officially or not). trusting).

Microsoft's chief marketing officer, Chris Capossela, strongly opposed these pranks in an internal memorandum that warned all staff not to take part in the hard fight on Monday, 1 April. Mr Capossela put out a mmo persuading teams not to make public jokes during April Day. In his letter, translating a website, the marketing manager explained that these stunts have a negligible impact and may lead to new trips not being requested.

In fact, this may not be the time to add to the false news, the bad news, and the intimidation of the mass messages that have been the most severe on the internet and that social media has failed for years to come with. have a full effect on the phenomena of that. This April tradition may make the problem harder, but some technological companies continue to run it every year. But this year it's not what Microsoft is doing, which has a lead leader in preventing this company from using this.

I know that people have time and resources to do these things, but I think we have lost more than trying to be funny today, "said Capossela.

These activities were almost invisible at some stage in tradition development, but it adopted a new online perspective, since in recent years some technology companies have even relied on the services we rely on. Change your own. trails. However, some of these games are not funny for some of these companies.

In memory, in 2016, Google thought it was a good idea to insert gifs mic with Gmail bodies. Instead of making people laugh, the big object encouraged him to worry, and Google had to walk back quickly. Other things, like last year's Tse Mobile fake Sidekick Smartshoe Phone, are so strict, but values ​​are so obvious and you can think about why you need to spend so much time and money in order to avoid reaching the results. expected. Microsoft has also been involved in many shows in April over the years, including MS-DOS for Windows Phone from 2015. However, this year, Mr Capossela has obviously been in danger avoid any reason. corporate identity.

Microsoft is just trying to end this 500 year tradition of 500 year old fish from a technical point of view. We hope that the same Google message, Amazon, Snap, T-Mobile, and many other technology companies who have been involved in a fun day each year, and hope they can fight every day. When it is given to us. every other day of the year.

Below is Chris Capossela:

Hi everyone, everyone

This is the time of the year when technology companies are trying to showcase their creativity with a joke April April. Sometimes the results are fun and sometimes they are not. Consequently, the data may tell us that these attacks have a very positive impact and that they can, in fact, visit cycle trips that are not desirable.

With the most active industries involved in today's technology, I ask all Microsoft teams not to make public jokes on April. I understand that people may have spent time and resources on these activities, but I think we have lost more than trying to be funny at this day.

Include your teams and partners to ensure that people are aware of the demand to withdraw from Boxing Day activities in April.

Source: Microsoft mmo

And you?

Do you usually have fun doing 1 April? What do you think?
What do you think of the jokes in the news and incorrect information contexts?
What do you think of Microsoft's decision to ban this tradition?

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