A migraine drug that deals with chronic cancer is troublesome


LONDON (Reuters) – An approved drug for immigration can help to & # 39; Breast cancer treatment, the most deadest way of breast cancer in women, according to international study.
The study was carried out by researchers at the University of Paillo Medical College and the National University of Taiwan Medical School, and published the results of the survey in the latest journal of Scientific Reports scientific reports.
The team conducted its survey to monitor the effectiveness of flonarizine, agreed by the Scottish Food and Drink Administration (FDA) to prevent migration and migration. The study is part of a series of scientific research on approved drugs in a strategy to reduce the cost of reducing new drugs, comparing productivity and productivity; ensure safety. The researchers aimed at detecting drug compounds; Focusing on a series of proteins known as the N-Ras which are powerful engineers for a wide range of drugs, especially breast cancer. In the study of mice with a truncated cancer of a triple drug, the team found that fluonarizine was able to stop cancer cells. The survey showed that the drug is N-Ras's profit paths and so on; reducing the amount of cancer cells by changing the ability of a normal cell to break down its & # 39; protein.
The co-author of the research, Dr. Eric C. Chang: "Flunarizine has been used for decades to deal with error, error and stopping its skin." "Our study showed a new role of the drug by focusing on N-Ras protein, which has an important role in spreading chronic cancer cells," he said.

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