A military law order was ordered for 60 days.


A military law order was ordered for 60 days.

Photograph: Admіnstratsіya President of Ukraine

Rada paid for military law for 30 days, and the command says 60

In the official government newspaper, Poroshenko ordered a military law with a different time of validity.

Uryadovoy messenger published Tuesday, November 27 order by President Pedro Poroshenko when an army law was issued for 60 days from 14:00 on November 26.

Note, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 190 of the Verkhovna Road Regulations, "the relevant order of the President of Ukraine will come into force after it has been agreed with the Verkhovna Rada and published directly through the media or otherwise distributed . "

At the same time, a vote before night before the parliament for Poroshenko's order for military law for 30 days.

It should be noted that the law, which does not include law of arms and which is in law; including all changes, is published.

As stated Correspondent.net Leonid Samsonenko, the first CEO of Uryadovy's deputy leader, is not See any problems and publish the acceptance of the NSDC.

"The National Security Council was once met. The law passed for 60 days. This decision was put into effect by the president. That was just a & # 39 ; hang on the chairman's website. He did not expect to come back again.

As soon as new rules appear, they will publish it immediately.

We note, last year in Poroshenko's order for military law, to show something new that was not on a website; president and not considered at the NSDC meeting.

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