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MANCHESTER, Mo.- A Missouri loco teacher responds to responding to a & # 39; claimed that he was banned because he was grateful to the students for saying that a promise was loyal.

Jim Furkin has been a sub form for about ten years in the Parkway School District in St. Louis County, mostly at Parkway South High School, recites the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Friday.

Furkin told the school board Thursday that he was sending a new English class in October. As usual, the students said the promise after morning calls. It was mostly, but not everyone.

"It is always in two or three who do not stand up because it is not necessary. So at the end of the promise, I said," Thanks to all those who participated. I am sure that all of those families who have lost their wounds so that we can freedom. We are now enjoying the effort, "said Furkin.

Any student asked to go to their councilor's office, Furkin said. After Furkin's school administrator questioned what happened and told him that a student was "injured" with what was said after his / her; promise.

"I said," Oh, I did not mean that way, I did not; That's my intention, "said Furkin." He said, "We'll return to you, and next day, I do not now welcome the building."

Cathy Kelly district spokeswoman gave a comment on Furkin's special case but reported Friday on the area. He said that students choose whether to participate in the promise or not, "and our responsibility as educators does not have a judgment on that option."

According to the statement, the area would not recommend that a substitute teacher be restricted based on a remote event.

"A number of factors will be considered, which will include previous concerns at other schools, before making a recommendation," the statement reads.

Kelly Educational Staffing, a group that has a " Furkin recruitment, who did not respond promptly to comment. Furkin said that the staff group told him that he had not been allowed back because he had "given" a student to "bullying".

"For me personally, the banner represents a freedom, and there is a lot of money paid for our current freedom," said Furkin. "Without all that I'm saying to the kids … Can someone be guilty of that? I would not hope."


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