A more important week for global stock markets, latest Business News


A safer week to wait for global stock markets, and # 39; including the case of Singapore.

It compares with the previous elevations and pains of the previous week caused by the US and Chinese trade spat, a reduction in oil prices and technology stock driven by slowdown effects on iPhone sales technology providers.

How do US markets go for a holiday week for Thanksgiving ahead, Wall Street was a " Holding an exciting trading session last week by closing to & # 39; Most on Friday after the positive comments from US President Donald Trump, some investors hoped that their trade case with China could be easier for time.

Thailand lets its third quarter growth figures, depending on Bloomberg's closure, is expected to be slower to 4.2 per cent anniversary (y-o-y). It is expected that Malaysia's latest conservation data and Outdoor Purchasing (CPI) Outlook will be on Thursday and Friday.

The US will publish figures on housing sources, sustainable product orders and home sales that are closely researched as other indicators of the health of the world's largest economy.

Financial policy decisions from Asian-Pacific bankers are not expected in the coming week, based on the weekly UOC overview note. There will be a commercial week on a number of holiday markets due to the weekends, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Myanmar.

In Australia, the Reserve Bank will allow the minutes to meet in November tomorrow, and the government of Philip Lowe will be scheduled to give a lecture in Melbourne on the same day.

Shorter news helped Chinese-SA trade speeches to allow Asian markets to be able to; going to the last weekend, and certainly will do anything to look for the G-20 directors' meeting to be held in Buenos Aires from November 30 to 1 citizenship.

Due to many of the many, Failure for the outcome of the meetings of Mr Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the top, it is expected that the markets will "be meaningful and sensitive" on any upgrade, Note that IG Pan Jingyi was the market strategist.

Asian markets, but indeed one to monitor, may not be less likely to breach domestic home illnesses in the UK over a draft of " Brexit agreement. Sterling started on the week after the retirement of three UK cabinet ministers.

"Market partners appear to believe that the draft agreement in the current conditions is unlikely to be agreed with the Parliament (UK). , Theresa May (Prime Minister) is expected to fight for the last breath, "FXTM Hussein's main market engineer, said in a note.

Currently options include a bold vote, new election, a new referendum, and a Brexit-free contract, but when the minister becomes essential, no one knows what might happen , said Mr Sayed, said: "Everything we know is that it is inconvenient in the UK that money will be hit down in the coming days and evenings."

In Singapore during the week, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will be releasing the latest print for GDP 2013 Q3 on Thursday.

In his opinion, UOB noted that his & her; an amazing 0.2 percent decline in business production in September which results in the growth of Q3 manufacturing now declining to 4 per cent, based on the 4.5% rate reported before the pre- G3 evaluation last year GDP Post-

"Then, we expect the Q3 GDP to be reviewed lower to 2.4 per cent y-o-y (from the 2.6 percent estimate estimate y-o-y)," said UOB.

At the same time, last month's CPI data will be published on Friday. The CPI Line inflation is greater than 0.8 per cent yoy (from 0.7 per cent yoy in September) while the basic MAS inflation should be modified at 1.8 per cent yoy, depending on UOB estimates.

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