A murderer who was accused of a dead daughter (6) with a coffin


The last year in a kampen casualties crash was arrested. A 6-year-old daughter was killed in the crash.

The man killed, working for Kampen town, a grassland near primary school in September. He knocked back and he felt too late that the girl was behind her shore. The girl came under the machine and met her wound a few days later in hospital. There were a number of children who saw the accident; happening.

The herring driver was arrested after the crash. It was not known how the costs were set against him. Kampen's town said the man had been trained enough to drive the grassland. However, it was decided not to cycle on a winding device for the time.

Additional steps

The town asked inquiries after the crash and results in three steps, reporting RTV Oost. Dismissal devices are equipped with cameras that convert and turn to; Distribution of beacons, informing schools is given a day in advance if the area is lodged in the area and the town will Continue to develop employee training that manages the tools.

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