A murderer who was killed who opposed theft of a truck in Petare


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There were four shots in the coffin to Luis Enrique Franquiz (35) when he stopped his arrest; He steal Jeep Cherokee, in a department of Petare, Friday afternoon.

Franquiz himself worked in selling cheese and sweets, older than the three brothers and father of five children.

At about six o'clock in the afternoon they caught hold of him, tried to remove the vehicle, He stayed, fought with his attacks and killed him. He died in the place.

A person who marked him was warned to move Franquiz's mother to Bello Monte morgue.


Thirteen of the body were dropped into the morgue this weekend: eleven on Saturday, 15 on Sunday and Monday seven.

At six o'clock on Monday, the neighbors of El Marqués informed the authorities about the body on a public footpath, on Terepaima Street.

It was about a 35 year old, dark peel, red flannel blanket, blue jean pants, single black RS21 shoe with wildcat, ring and little value watch.

The neighbors heard scenes at 9:00 a Sunday night and it was in the autumn when the people who had gone by saw it; the body and warned them.

The Cicpc, Sucre and PoliMiranda offices came to the site to start the inquiries. The victim was killed in the head.

Jonathan Oswaldo Pérez Ochoa (23) was killed dead when he played friends with friends in the Subida del Caballo department, Carapita, Antimano, Shathairne night, and gunless gun shooting.

He was about 11 on the night when the lawyer entered the field and brought to Perez Ochoa, and tried the other people to enter, but the man was & They were also threatened to kill them and when they heard her; first shots they were running.

Perez got two shots, a man in the chest and a stomach. The man followed a gun down the street and killed another two neighbors he met on his way.

Pérez Ochoa was transferred to Pérez Carreño Hospital, where he died.
Jonathan was a worker, unemployed and took care of his friend four years old while his parents were working. He was the one who was youth of five children. The oldest, Agustín José (19), was killed by a crime group in the same community, 20 years ago.

None of the murderers have been captured by the authorities, but "justice of each of them was" religious justice "; said one couple.

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