A new analysis describes its & # 39; Canadian national medicine program could cost


A new analysis CMAJ (TheNews) http: // www.cm.ca /Look up/doi /10.1503 /cm.180897 defines government spending that may have a Canadian national craft program and it's a Explain ways to change drug funding in Canada to achieve billions in savings.

"We believe there is a strong argument for the federal government to gradually increase the revenue acquisition to expand this long & 39; a proposal in the Canadian media, "wrote Drs. Michael Wolfson, Medicine and Law Faculties, Ottawa University, and Steven Morgan, Public School and Public Health, University of British Columbia.

By introducing a national tax program in 2020, $ 9.7 billion was secured by public funds and saved $ 13.5 billion in private sector savings due to lower costs of private insurance, According to estimates from the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

The authors have a suggestion to & # 39; using a combination of federal income sources, including a relatively small increase in personal income taxes (0.5 percentage points), corporate tax rates (1 percentage) and GST (0.25 percentage points).

For policy makers, model enhancement tools can help to inform the different methods of funding a national program of medicine.

"A national cake by 2020, Canada could pay $ 4.2 billion more for a medication than to be under a general general plan, pharmacare," the authors write. "There is no question, therefore, whether Canada is able to spend a national cake instead of how the government should build public revenue and, therefore, who should benefit from billions of dollars in net savings due to it. "

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