A new approach can prevent the inactivity of children with child cancer


A new approach can prevent the inactivity of children with child cancer

When someone finds out that he has cancer, he can freeze his sperm before chemotherapy starts, which could be impossible. But before the time of puberty, children don't have sperm for freezing, so 30% will be infertile because of their treatment against that disease.

Researchers have spent years past trying to overcome this problem with the following idea: • removing an unimproved witness nest before chemotherapy or radiation treatment will have the toxic effect, it was frozen for years and then rushed in the patient's youth, with the hope that it can do it. sperm at lunchtime.

Three tests of monkeys from 2000 showed that spermatogenesis worked with this type of delicate gsts made before puberty. But as yet, no childbirth has been tested.

A team led by a biologist from Pittsburgh University last Thursday announced that they had gone over that stage and, through this method and in vitro fertilization, a female replica was born. Grady, in April 2018. Her inspection is published in the Science Bulletin.

The test shows that the idea of ​​preserving the strategic testituclar tone that will help cancer children to become parents is the intention. For girls, several surveys focus on gravity baling.

In Pittsburgh, 206 children and 41 girls treated with cancer have frozen their skin products from 2011 with the hope of getting the way one day, Kyle Orwig, Professor of Pittsburgh University said t and the lead author of the study.

"I believe that the technology will be available for clinical use within two to five years," he told AFP, saying that lectures had already been held by regulators in the medical sector.

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On the methodology stage, the AFP noted that, however, there were a problems associated with the survey, which encouraged Science editors to consider the possibility of requesting a correction from the authors.

The steps that went on in the exam were chemotherapy, but that cure was not infinite, Orwig was recognized.

The infertile monkeys were ordered only by hammer only because they were castrated, which according to the authors are the norm for this kind of survey.

However, although chemotherapy therapy is not mentioned in the published survey by Science, Orwig spoke on interviews and a video from the university, which may be falsely assuming that the masks arrived very badly. T that. cancer

The researcher consulted the AFP about that distinction between his scientific and public engagement, the researcher replied that this had not changed for the success of the experiment, since sperm came from. it was used to give birth to Grady from the graphic vinegar.

"I forgot that we had decided not to mention the chemotherapy in the survey because we thought it was not relevant to the trial, and that it had no influence on the product," said Orwig.

"It is inappropriate" with the result, Professor Stefan Schlatt, editor of the study in Science, told AFP. "But it would be more honest and scientifically correct to describe all the treatments in the manuscript."

As a general rule, the researchers identify scientific changes, although very little, in scientific articles.

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