A new heated tobacco machine will damage lungs as e-cigs and smoking



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A new study that compares directly between new tobacco devices is heated by traditional and traditional fats; show that all three are obsolete to human lung cells.

The inspection was published Open ERJ Research to find out that the new device, which is & # 39; Heat extraction of tobacco instead of e-liquid, as politically as normal ordinary smoking cells.

Researchers say that the investigation suggests that the electronic electronic delivery devices may not be safer for cigarette smoking.

The survey was led by Dr. Pawan Sharma, researcher at the Sydney University of Technology and the Woolcock of Medical Research Institute, Sydney, Australia.

He said: "Smoking is the biggest cause of death, and by adding e-mails in the last ten years, the movement of nicotine use is not going down quickly in the future. If the current shift, tobacco use offers more than eight million deaths per year by 2030 worldwide.

"The most recent thing in this move is the result of a well-planned and strengthened heat tobacco device, usually the next generation or weighing heat products. We do not know much about the health effects of these new devices, so we designed to compare them to smoke and to-smoke. "

Surveyors tested on the three Nicotine sources of two types of cells that were taken from human flights: epithelial cells and smooth muscle cells. In healthy lungs, epithelial cells are the first protection for any foreign fragments that are; coming into the air while there are smooth muscles of cells; maintaining the air structure. However, smoking can be causing a breathing problem to prevent the normal functions of these cells.

Dr. Sharma and his cell opening crew to various assemblies of smoke fungi, steam ets and steam from tobacco equipment, and gauged damaging cells and affected the normal functions of the cells.

Researchers found that tobacco smoke and tobacco band were heated to the cells at the lowest and higher levels while it was soft to smoke. show that they were making toxicity especially at higher concentrations. Researchers say that these assemblies represent the levels of nicotine found in continuous smokers.

Dr. Sukhwinder Sohal, a researcher at Tasmania University, Launceston, Australia, and the author inspected: "We examined different stages of cell toxicology with all types of populations in human lung cells. The new materials in How poorly the cells of normal cigarettes are or how to hit them. "

Dr. Sharma: "Our products suggest that all three of our lung cells are pollution and that these new tobacco devices are so dangerous and to smoke traditional cigarettes.

"It gave us about five decades to understand the destructive effects of cigarette smoke and we still do not know the long-term impact of using e-mails. These devices are a & # 39; strong tobacco heating is very new and decades before we fully understand their human health effects.

"What we know is that the two types of lung cells are damaged by the destruction of a lung device that causes fatal diseases such as wormer pollutants, lung cancer and a major disease disease, and it can endanger asthma development, and so we should not accept these tools is a safer option. "

Dr. Sharma hopes that his research will stimulate more research on tobacco equipment and is hoping to continue with this work to analyze the impact of nicotine devices on more advanced models of lung and mice devices.

Professor Charlotta Pisinger chairs the European Learning Society's Tomback Control Committee and was not involved in the investigation. She said: "These new tobacco devices have been marketed as a result of 95% lower than poisonous compounds because tobacco is heated, not burned. However, its & # 39; the first independent surveys have shown that shelter occurs and poisonous and carcinogenic companies are discharged, some lower than in conventional smoke, cigarettes, others in higher levels The study of tobacco business data on these devices has shown that, in rats, there is evidence of swammering, and there is no evidence of development in lungs and they are Work in smoking that moves to tobacco heat.

"The effective introduction and marketing of new devices greatly disturb smokers who want to stop smoking and believe they are able to move to another tobacco product without accident . It also opens a different way to attract young people to use and become wild to nicotine. A study contributes to the evidence that is not This new gadget is a safe place to smoke cigarettes.

Untouched tobacco: answered 5 general questions about heat burning & # 39;

More information:
Sukhwinder Singh Sohal et al, IQOS revealed its impact on human aerospace homeostasis: compares directly to traditional toys and ets, Open ERJ Research (2019). DOI: 10.1183 / 23120541.00159-2018

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