A new online bank will start in Slovakia. With a free account and mobile payments


The bank offers a & # 39; opening through handbags and a variety of savings. For a selection outside the network, clients will pay up to € 2.5.

The Slocaka bank market has expanded today with a new Internet Bank 365. Users want to have the opportunity to select everything online but also free of charge with a pay card account. There is no bank at the bank branch.

It's owned by Poštová banka, but he works independently and with his own team of people. The bank will use the same bank code as "mother" – 6500.

Within five years it would be for 200,000 users. At this time there are 3,500 clients, used in a beta mode called for invitations. This is not essential until today.

The Bank still does not aim to expand to other countries. Marek Šupa, head of the bank, said he did not submit it to the Czech Republic for the next year.

Free account card

Currently, only a free MasterCard MasterCard account is available. If you have an Android device, you can pay with a mobile phone through Google Pay – the feature is free.

The election of the ATM at the Post and POS borders at the office of his / her. mail is free. When you have any other ATM money collection, you will pay a high tax of € 2.5. The Živé.sk bank asked that he is also preparing another product that may have the option of an alternative from an ATM.

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Getting in for a fingerprint? A 365 bank wants to sign in through passwords

Is Apple Pay coming? We can not say

Users' credit should be offered in the first half of 2019, in the second half of the next year to attract talents. The bank did not specify more information.

In the next year, she also wants to develop her mobile app because she wants to be very dependent on her. liaison with clients.

The bank says that he wants to pay two other ways to pay the next year. Ask if Apple's chief executive, Marek Šupa, said: "That's what we can not say". The last service he should come to Slovakia next year.

Save money and money back

The Bank offers an annual level of interest of 0.356 per cent. You can always make a few savings and renamed it and how much you want to be saved. Interestingly, there is also an opportunity to describe what money you can get out of your account and show you the final balance.

There is a normal savings at the bank, but also a payment system.

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There is a normal savings at the bank, but also a payment system.

Tobar: 365.bank

The bank has also begun to offer a new type of savings called "Syslenie". It works to spread. You can choose to give or pay all payments to save the total amount and save the cents. There is also an opportunity to collect one euro, five or ten euros. These savings are rated by high annual level of interest.

"The difference that falls within the two rules will automatically convince the savings account, and interest will be raised at € 1,500 at 3.65%," said the bank.

In the application, you can also arrange an item that returns a part of your paid amount back to your account from selected retailers. For example, a large number of petrol stations, a drug shop, or a variety of Chinese products.

Create an online account

365 also wants to be able to create an account directly through the application. Handy banking is available for Android and iOS.

An account can be created online without visiting a branch.

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An account can be created online without visiting a branch.

Tobar: 365.bank

You also need to take your own ID card to set your account. There is also a video call confirmation in the bid, which takes about four minutes. Daily confirmation is 7 to 22 f, except for holidays.

So, the bank will create an account and send a home card within two weeks. It is not necessary to visit a messenger or to contract contractor at a branch office. Hundreds of Slovak Mail are the second declaration of identity authentication.

It was also confirmed by the Raiffeisen Group

By mid year last year, Zuno internet bank, which belonged to the Bank of Raiffeisen International. These include Tatra banka and Raiffeisen Bank.

Despite Zuno being the same card – free account – can get black numbers. originally asking the company to sell the bank, to fail.

Zuno's cost is an internet bank

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Banke Zuno did not get a market. Raiffeisen Bank International reported on it.

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At the time of market, the bank was also online to give Bank a later date quizzes and additional financial institutions.

Although internet banking is very weak, foreign banks such as N26 or Revolut are available. They are again specially drawn to free account and a fully focused mobile banking without serving a branch office.

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