A new scandal of famous independence between famous people; and those involved


A new scandal of famous tributeit's going to the world of entertainment because it has been captured in banners and they have no means of keeping their relations t; and those involved.

The controversial video was broadcast on television reflecting the interlude between the actor Gabriel Porras and anything else other than his old deed, as you read, Porras was caught in a bar in Mexico City it offers magnificent kisses by Liz Gallardo; with which he had finished 15 years ago.

Well they say "where there was mention of ash in ash" and that was probably Liz Gallardo and Gabriel Porras they get to know him, but they identified Liz as a spy and bequest, as it's believed that she is related to Alejandra Ortíz, a friend of Liz Gallardo.

This is how this triangle of love incorporates the major figures at the heart of the heart which has been baptized this romance as “the reheated”, a situation which works the main elements on this page. Alejandra Ortíz wanted to be really upset about his friend.

I am very sorry, Liz is a spy. And I don't go back to Gabriel after that.

Comedian Mexico Gabriel Porras is famous in the American Union for his television work and also for the contentious debates in which he was involved and after many years of separation by finishing with bad words he returns in a handsome relationship with his world. Liz Gallardo

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