A new step has been taken in the long-term attempt to immunize their flu vaccine


In an analysis published by Nature Immunology, Australian researchers say they have identified "deadly" defenses in half of the world's population, which would be effective against all types of flu viruses big. According to these cells, these cells may be used to develop a global flu vaccine, which may even be effective in people with no cell type.

There are four types of influenza viruses: A, B, C and D (the last one that affects stock). Temporal infections are caused by viruses of A and B type, themselves divided into a wide variety. Movement viruses are among the most well-known viruses but they are still struggling to fight because of their sufficiency. they are. In order to last, they will move around the world and so they are. Try to stop our protection protection.

Australian researchers say that they have identified common features for all types of viruses, which can be the "famous fatal cells" of being effective. " This is an incredible improvement (…) which could give us a vaccine that we do not have to change every year The team of researchers from Melbourne University and the Royal Melbourne Hospital began to report.

At present, the development of a flu vaccine is based on a kind of promise. Twice a year, in February for the North Hemisphere and September for the South Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) evaluates, through a global monitoring system, what types of influenza which is most threatening for the next winter. This is the basis that the vaccines are then made.

Difficulty: It can not predict precisely what the viruses that spread eight months later, which is why 100% of flu can not be possible. This is why his / her medical community has been in & # 39; long-time dream of a whole weapon, a common vaccine that may be effective despite the virus lines. Several vaccines of this type are currently being scrutinized, and there is no guarantee that this research will ever succeed.

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