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A new research conducted by the Center for Psychological Research and Dysfunction (PARC) found that MDMA users are more similar to other drug users who use materials such as cocaine, cannabis and ketamine.

Over recent years, scientists have made a number of improvements that have shown us that MDMA needs to be useful for mental health problems such as PTSD and alcoholism. Between taking the drug to octopuses to investigate the causes of social behavior and its; confirming its ability to help people get overlooked and rely on, the health benefits that this unlawful party fate could have to do with; become clearer with each passing examination.

The series of latest drug tests was investigated to investigate the "long-term MDMA use of the basic social processes".

There were 67 drug users in the survey: 25 were MDMA once a month, 19 who used other drugs and 23 who used drink only. Analyze the emotional and emotional emotions of each partner through the test of self-esteem and computing assessment, researchers found that MDMA users used to be higher than the non-alcoholic drug users. using MDMA.

These results constitute a previous suspicion; Medium-term, long-term MDMA use could cause a higher social problem – a very appropriate search for medical purposes. This means that those who have a suffering from poor mental health is considered to be fairly assessed for treatment over a long time without directly affecting their emotional feelings.

It is important to note, however, that there is still no confirmation that MDMA will increase the emotional and mental sympathy of people over time. It is quite possible that the participants in this study are drawn to MDMA because they are naturally safer and want to be able to; seeks the effects of drugs. In order to determine the MDMA long-term effects and how to increase symmetry over time, a new study of its subjects should be tested before they began to use the drug regularly for a long time.

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