A new TVP look before the Fèis in Opole. What next with "Opportunity to succeed"?


Initially, it was announced that the best of the "Chance for success" partners will be revitalizing at the Polish National Festival of Poland in Opole this year. However, Jacek Kurski says that TVP in collaboration with the Opole town is working on a program that promotes the celebration of Polish songs.

Jacek Kurski announces a new TVP program before the Festival in Opole

At the beginning of February, information on antenna reform appeared "Success for success", which was broadcast on TVP2 in the years 1993-2012.

The musical talent exhibition was away from the antenna after nineteen years, when Wojciech Mann he decided to retire from hosting his program.

"As an official reason, to be accepted or not, I mentioned how John Paweł Woronicz appeared in a dream and he said to me:" I have time and time; Listen to me – in a so amazing way he explained 2012, Mann's decision.

Although then it was anticipated that there would be another director in the place of Man, it was finally agreed to finalize the "Chance for success" case.

"We believe, not to involve Wojciech Mann as the guest, throwing his raison d '#?; Être" – a & # 39; confirmation of TVP2 regulation in 2012.

We have already had the first two trips (we know that Wojciech Mann does not appear in the lead role), the next ones will be held in Gdansk and Katowice.

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