a new union with Ikea in a vision



Xiaomi's mobile sector is creating benefits, although not its main economic support. There is a small catalog of material in the Chinese company, among which we are detecting authentic jewelery related to home automation. In the last few months, we have seen a strong commitment to Xiaomi, AI digital data that is far beyond mobile technology.

The IoT – one of the things – and said that AI was hand-held, and Xiaomi is looking for new alliances to raise its material related to these concepts. New news shows a great deal with the IKEA, with no information about the agreement that has been said, although it is not too difficult to measure where the scenes are going.

Xiaomi and IKEA, a new home moving moment


With a new vocalist already prepared -XiaoAI- and an unprecedented annual growth, Xiaomi is ready to jump homelessly. According to the signature The biggest IoT platform today, above Amazon, Apple, Samsung and even Google. Xiaomi has been investing in companies related to a & # 39; very difficult development, editing the jump to future technologies.

In the official channel of MIUI.es we have received information about it new partnership between Xiaomi and IKEA, the Solar giant is famous for the provision of furniture and household products to a large part of the world. No information is provided about this agreement, but this logic is a recommendation Xiaomi home automation products will start at IKEA, as well as potential agreements to create special products.

If yes, The Xiaomi expansion would not be incapable, and ultimately, their home automation materials would play an important role in international sales – what's already going to be? Starting as a matter, but still limited to the distribution of these products.

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