A new update for Ghost Recon Wildlands


Today, Ubisoft has released a new update for Ghost Recon Wildlands's innovative exhibition by Operation Special 4.

Ubisoft today announced with "Special 4" the fourth and second packs of "Ghost Recon Wildlands". A "Special Action 4" will be released on February 27, for the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The updated package includes a new PvE mode, a new content for PvP players, some of the features that are community, and more.

Features of specific work 4

  • PvE Method and Prize: Operation 4 is a special feature that includes a modern PvE method that stamina the test. When you complete this method, you will get a cloth pack.
  • PVP Classes and Cards: Another Soldier Combined with the Fight. Ghost War receives an extra class and two new cards.
  • Pass Pass Year 2: Passengers 2 year free passengers will receive free tickets, as well as early access to the Ghost Ghost War class for a week starting on February 27.
  • One Day Enterprise Day: Players can change the time of the day with a new recruitment option in Solo Enterprise and Solo Ghost Mode.
  • Battle Block Update: We move all games and a selection of crests from the battlefields to the beautiful crests.
  • Update on Prestige Chratach: A & # 39; Increase the probability of items from higher fragile areas. The social elements (positions, feelings and proverbs) are now regarded as rare blows.
  • Ubuntu Games Browser: You can & # 39; Create and analyze used games based on a few criteria
  • Challenges: We move from the challenging challenges to everyday challenges (3 alone, 1 mission and 1 community challenge) with higher reputation credit awards.
  • By completing a unique number of everyday challenges each week, you will receive additional awards such as celebrity boxes and a box of battle.
  • PvP Events: Two new events will be added.
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