A new way to protect people with beetles ready for FDA review


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The final search results for new treatment for the defense against being disrupted today and # 39; Presented today at the Alargy, Asthma and Immunology College (ACAAI) Annual Scientific Meeting and published in New England Journal of MedicineNext The results show that some people are able to be able to; protect their cancer from catching accidents by going to & # 39; build up their suffering on the # 39; excavated over time.

"We are pleased to be able to help children and young people help to carry food by threatening them," said allergic Stephen Tilles, MD, ACAAI past & # 39; president, scrutiny of co-author and consultation advice for Aimmune Theatre. "Our hope is when we started the survey, by treating patients with one pipe equivalent to the day, many would be absorbed as many as two bundles . We were pleased to find that two thirds of the survey people were able to match two bundles every day after nine to 12 months of cure, and half of patients were similar to four patients. nuts. "

The partners were different from age 4 to 55 years, the majority were 4 to 17, and a teenager was whole poison. One of the placebo partners got one, and the two thirds left a product protein powder in high sums until they reached the "maintenance disk – the dose that stayed Continue for the rest of the survey. Maintenance was the same as one pot.

"This is not very fast, and does not mean that people with eating pipe eating can eat eat when they want," said allergic Jay Lieberman, MD, vice president of the Allergy Committee ACAAI Food and co-author. "But it's definitely a disappointment. It is hoped that a cure would be available in the second half of 2019. If that happens, people who are able and able to maintain this medicine should have to be protected from appearing undoubtedly. "

Everyone in the neat protein survey was found as part of an oral food challenge (OFC). A person in OFC produces a small amount of food through an allergist-led mouth that is determined by her & her; board to prove for adverse effects. It is considered that OFC is the gold star for a food audit test.

"The concepts from the oral challenges at the end of the survey were much worse than before healing," said Dr. Tilles. "At average, the partners can keep a closer relationship with a penny at the end of the survey than they did at the beginning. In addition, The symptoms that caused the 100% higher dose at the end of the study are worse than the lower dose symptoms at the beginning of the inspection. "

Information about this important study:

  • More participants and more detailed data than all oral immunotherapy studies that were compiled together
  • Lack of severe adverse reactions that require epinephrine in the oral food challenge
  • Less of the expected effects – e.g. only six per cent of the study dropped due to gastrointestinal effects; Also, one third of the patients completed the investigation with illicit adverse effects as well as the route.
  • 80 per cent of the daily bi-fuel partners achieved equal to one pipe.

There is currently no agreed choice of handling for pipeline address. If this medicine is allowed by the FDA, it will be available through a medication, and people with pipe alloyers have to wait to protect them against the prescription. Whenever someone is going to stop the cure, no longer defensive effects.

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Virtual title: Age-related results from Native American Survey of Peanut Alarm of AR101 for Desensitization (PALISADE) Exam.

New England Journal of Medicine Title Title: AR101 Immunotherapy Oral for Alargy Peanut

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New England Journal of Medicine

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