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Sunday, 11/18/2018 10:11 AM (GMT + 7)

The 2018 AFF Cup has been almost halfway and the team has screwed it off; Most in Thailand but strengths in defense have also emerged.

11 Thailand visits against Indonesia and Timor Leste (New Media, Rights broadcast on VTC):

AFF Cup 2018 – objective league

So the 201 AFF Cup was near a half-way after its game on 17/11. Twenty-two games were extremely dramatic, interesting with the unexpected situation.

AFF Cup: Premier League No. 1 in the Premier League - 1

Thailand is the most renowned team at the 2011 AFF Cup with 11 goals

Indonesia, which is regarded as a "powerhouse" in the south eastern part of Asia, is at risk of being abolished, and the Philippines appear as something famous with the famous teacher, Sven Goran Eriksson. Vietnam Hang Park team coach This continues to play well and "light door" after two consecutive effects.

The 2018 AFF Cup creates its own hits with the water, the impact of Thai normal 7-0 over Timber Leste. All 41 games were saved in 12 games, an average of 3.4 goals per game. This is an incredible number for an award competition.

Thailand is the top performer with 11 goals / 2 games and Vietnam is only the only team at the AFF Cup.

Teacher Teacher Hang Seo Park Laos coach who won 3-0 away and pass Malaysia on My Dinh with the 2-0 score. Previously, Thailand and Filipin kept the record but both of them (Indonesia, Timor Leste) were getting two goals in their second game.

Why is Vietnam not convicted?

Performance comes from the rationality of its & # 39; a game that Korean staff submit. Vietnam has a positive impact on Laos in a special game in your country.

AFF Cup: Protection No. 1 in the highest route - 2

Vietnam is the only team that does not support the 2018 AFF Cup

But remember that Laos plays a level and even a & # 39; Guides both games against Myanmar and Malaysia. They are not weak but "there is no door" before Vietnam.

At the same time, Malala although the ball is 60% but Deng Van Lam does not work correctly once. So in strength, your team is not weak but the Vietnam team's pace is good and this is kept to the end.

Vietnam routes always have a distance of 10-15m and they will Regular cover, especially Duy Manh and Que Ngoc Hai. This caused the defeat of a Mongolian attack from the ground.

In the next game, Vietnam will have the guests of Myanmar and hope that Hang Seo Park, teaching teacher, will maintain their style so that the optimistic FIFA flames for the AFF 2018 AFF Cup will continue to be & # 39; burn.


Myanmar says he will close his doors in all pre-Vietnamese training sessions.

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