A number of raptor cases in the Lisbon area rises to 15 | Health care


The number of cases confirmed in the crushed area in the Lisbon area and Vale do Tejo up to 15, including two children, said the general director of Health, Graça Freitas.

There are five of these probationary issues in the town of Oeiras, every adult, and the other ten, including two children, in the town of Cascais. In this county three issues are stated. "The situation is to grow within what is expected in those situations," she said.

Among the confirmed cases, an adult in hospital and clinical clinic, according to the same source, without identifying location. On Wednesday, the Chief Executive of Health (DGS) indicated that these issues came to European countries, not to mention what, but it was not expected that a new breach of the disease in Portugal. The DGS explains that a & # 39; fluid virus is broadcast by a & # 39; Direct communication with infectious droplets or air distribution when the person converted casts or disables; flow and patients are considered to be infectious from four to four days after they start to start.

"The symptoms usually occur between 10 and 12 days after the person is arrested and usually starts with a fever, a brush (which goes on from the head to the lower constellations and burns), coughing, congestion and blue nose, "the DGS is warning.

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