A nutritioner said French serving should be six pieces and we still want to abolish, be honest


Harvard's study proposed to restrict the service of French friars into six lines. What the hell?


This is one of the most notable messages: vegetables are on the left; potato but not really good, especially when it is stored and finished.

An expert who lodges (okay, he is a loyal expert) this week he put the internet completely when he suggested that American restaurants should not be a & # 39; serving over six French harbors every plane.

Eric Rimm, a professor in the areas of drought and nutrition at Harvard T.H. There is a Public Health School, called "potato" bombs, in an interview with the New York Times.

As the main chef's hospitality, Padma Lakshmi was tweeted, I have no time for this type of type; word in my life now – or never.

Lakshmi was not alone in expressing her worry, even very joking, praising Rimm's service service size. I mean, indeed, six French shoes? Without any bite.

Comedy Mike Birbiglia said they need to be copying, and they've been doing it. means 600 slates. That is reasonable.

Twitter user, Joan Young, a real warrior and homeowner, said she was eating six in the whistle. Same.

Serious Rimm was angry with a Caribbean American and had to defend his own credentials at one time. He clarified that there was a suggestion for restaurants to use salad as a handbag. The six fries would express their & # 39; The ambition of supporters for stalking, fernish, gold, seems to be.

Potatoes are near the base of vegetable plants and the nutrients and nutrients found in green vegetables, he said. If you take potatoes, remove your skin (where at least some of the animals are found), cut it into pieces of deep oil and all the above with salt, cheese, chilli Do not gravy, a stamp stamp can be turned into an army on the destruction of its food.

Last year's study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a potato tetanus has a high gliocemic index, which is linked to increased risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

The survey found that, having been controlling other risk factors, participants who were eating potatoes folded twice to three per week at a greater risk of fatigue compared to those who were infected, # 39 eat raw potatoes.

Dr. Nicola Veronese, from Padua, Italy, was one of the authors of the study that he and his colleagues surprised the number of French drug users in America compared to the amount that people would used in other countries.

Decision: The Americans need to control the proportion.

In the United States, potatoes are the largest vegetable, and Americans eat an average of 115.6 pounds of white potatoes per year, and two-thirds are in the form of fries, potatoes and frozen potato or other process, according to the Department of Agriculture statistics.

In terms of food from the Americans, Rimm said that you need to catch the dead hands of their dead.

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