A Ohio judge spent 9 months imprisoned for his & her; his wife ever in 2014. He has now been abolished that he killed – National


A Ohio breach that served for nine months imprisoned to attack his wife in front of their children in 2014, was arrested for her. fight to death.

His judge judge Lance Mason was arrested on Saturday after a corpse had been arrested. , Aisha Fraser, was found home at Shaker Heights, Ohio, and the local police department said in distribution.

Perhaps Clachaire has tried to kill himself before trying to escape from the scene, which flows his car to a police corridor in the street; process, reporting affiliate NBC-TB.

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In 2014, his wife Clachchair hit 20 times and stops his head against a car handbook five times long and his / her; Their children were in the car, the police said. Follow it on, & # 39; bite and threaten her out of her & # 39; car.

His wife broke his orbital bone in the attack and had to make a rebuilding laboratory, according to Cleveland.com. She subsequently sent a registration for divorce divorces.

The police sought the home of the masons and found weapons of weapons, including handguns, cleaning guns, semi-fixtures, fog grenades and sword, at the time of Cleveland.com.

According to the CBS affiliate WOIO, the incidental effects of victims in the court revealed that Fraser had been asking Mason to go to counseling for two years.

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However, the allegation in the case said that "Masonic actions" would be an example of how well people are making bad choices or doing bad things. "

It was also reported in the court that Fraser had been asking Mason to be at # 39; see an adviser for two years.

Phairich Clachair was guilty of attack and domestic violence and spent nine months in prison.

Lance Mason is featured in a non-dated image delivered by Shaker Heights Police Department.

AP Photo / Shaker Heights Police Department

However, less than a year after he left his prison, Margaret was appointed by Cleveland Master, Frank Jackson, as the managing director of small city businesses.

The gentleman Clachaire said out of 13 applicants, WKYC 3, said he had a close relationship with his judge; Former Democrat Marcia Fudge, who is currently challenging Nancy Pelosi in the race as Speaker's House of Representatives.

Clachaire had previously attended the Ohio inn and Ohio house of Democrat representatives.

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On Saturday afternoon, City of Cleveland reported a response to the family and the Fraser children and said that Lance Mason had been "completed immediately".

Fraser was a sixth grade teacher in the Shaker Heights school system.

The area said that it would close all school buildings on Mondays and Tuesdays and offer advice to students, staff and their families.

"A long-time devolved mother and a faithful, faithful to Woodbury, who was in Aisha [Elementary School] students. It has impacted on the size of our children's lives and it will be lost significantly, "said Shaker Heights Schools in a statement on its website.

"Her loss is unexpected and the impact of this news on our whole school community is incredible and big."

Shaker Heights / GoFundMe Teachers Association

The local teachers association set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to support the Fraser children. The campaign raised more than $ 50,000 as at the early afternoon of Saturday.

The GoFundMe page was filled with comments that gave a recommendation to Fraser.

"Ms. Fraser is one of my favorite and favorite teachers. I wish her best things for her daughters," read one idea.

"Aisha, talk to you and I respected you in D.C.," read another comment.

"You're not a dead Shaker Heights teacher. It's a beautiful and fascinating soul that was brought to us and we're all better because we were in our lives!"

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