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A religious case in one of Blagoevgrad's TEMP commissions with a date today – a Rubber-weakened woman, with five strokes, was brought with a private ambulance to revalidate. to the Commission.

Definitions of hospital doctors and managers not to comply with the order of visits to the untreated patients site that they are very busy and do not have enough money.

Evangelia Kostova is 77 years old. According to the latest TELK decision 15 years ago, it has a loss of 73% of its capacity. She has a file of her relatives for re-certification for a year and three months. While they are waiting, the situation is gradually getting worse – paralysis and nesting throughout the body. The 81-year-old is looking for all the boy:

Her daughter Axinia wrote to TEMC experts to come to the city of Rupite, which her wife is entitled to. It gets negative, but by clarifying that they can go back on paper. T What about a year and a half that doesn't reveal his real status.

The family must then rent and take a private ambulance to Blagoevgrad. Where relatives have found a number of obstacles by boarding their rubbish to the third floor where the TEMC committee, from which the lift is distinctive, has a chipboard.

When asked why he visited the house and gave him a certificate, Dr Macdonald responded. Oleg Kasukeev as follows: "Read what we have written, I'll tell you something."

Inside the experience, the daughter of Axinia described it quickly: t

"They looked like the feet had been dressed … How long?" From 5-6 months … Mistress, you can take it to the ambulance. Stay out for Protocol ".

According to the hospital, TEMC tours are almost entirely commissioned on a regional principle for bogus patients almost because of their work and lack of money.

Why were the relatives of Evangelia Kostova causing this?

“To decide that it's completely mobile because we are staying long. Need help. "

After 30 minutes, the woman found an invalid document of 100%.

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