A. Paranaense received a great appeal to the face of Youth in Colombia and explained at the South American house


Atlético Paranaense took a valuable picture 1-1 of course in front Young from Barranquilla in the head South America Cup and he will explain at the home the continental championship the next time Wednesday 12 December. The locals could be affected by the second half, sad their punishment.

The duel started on most of the "coffee makers" who were handle a movie and a & # 39; opposing their competitors, who were with her; clear mission to save its & # 39; party, at least in the original sections of the promise.

Similarly, the land could not be changed to clear events in terms of goals for Barranquilla players, who only harmed with warm shows, the most dangerous thing the composer did. Luis Díaz of semi-conversion in the 28th, plus an estimate created by James Sanches and Jarlan Barrera (39 & 39).

In correspondence, the procedure changed, with a clearly manifested Brazilian element and that quickly walked with its opening. census, by identification Pablo Teixeira, who was in the 50 minutes, he closed his team's face and put 1-0.

However, it was a great benefit to her; Curitiba, lasted just two minutes, as in the 52st; the attack Yony ​​González, detected the abuse of the Brazilians to equalize their screenshots.

Then, the locals took a game, and in the 71 minutes they got an incapable opportunity to produce their product; to eliminate them, as the Peruvian referee Diego Haro to disturb a criminal case on the left Germán Gutiérrez.

The person who was in charge of being & # 39; explains the highest defender's route Rafael Pérez, which placed a major emphasis on violence on a crochet and left in rainfall Barranquilla city, who saw the impact of his & # 39; impact after his or her penalty to extinguish.

In the end, the "shark" came clearly in the 90 + 3 minutes, but stopped at a point-by-step with a Santos visitor.

Now, the two teams need to prepare for their return, which will be played next Wednesday at Arena da Baixada, from 21:45 a.m. (00:45 GMT), in a meeting that you can follow AlAireLibre.cl.

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