A Peruvian ruler will give an ICO warning and to; buy cryptoactive materials Christian


The institution also emphasized, internationally, that there are a number of financial authorities that have been able to; reflect on the dangers and "assessment purposes" related to the purchase of cryptocurrencies. In this section they show "about the dangers of fraud and the connection that is possible by illegal actions".

The SMV statement comes 10 days after a Bank has received its " Central of Peru warned about the dangers associated with the purchase of cryptocurrencies. The financial authority placed a pressure on November 16th, through a tweet, what "cryptocurrencies are not supported by middle ducks and their risks are due to the unstable level of their price, fraudulent cases and their use in unlawful actions. Bitcoin price fell by 56% to October 2018 and also 13% to date in November. "

BTC Show rises

Despite what has been said by the main bank and security superiority, Peru Record has launched a new record in bitcoins commercialization last week. According to figures from Dannsa Coin, the amount of weekly items reached with its main grasp of LocalBitcoins. For the week of 24 November, the port recorded interchanges reached 171 BTC, equivalent to 669.807 US dollars at the time of writing.

exchange bitcoin-cryptocurrencies-exchange-peru

A new bitcoin exchange in Peru won a new album last week with an exchange that reached 171 BTC in LocalBitcoins. Well: CoinDance.

Although the Peruvian financial institutions do not exclusively prohibit Starting Outcomes Money or jobs with cryptoactives, Yes, they send a warning message to investors that they will be careful and, above all, make it clear that they are not covered as a result of loss as it is an activity that is not governed by the State.

At this stage, it is also important to say that an Independent Investigation survey dropped that through the ICO, in August, fell to the lowest level to date in 2018. The ICOs were handled in Different ways with legislation from each country. So, for example, they were suspended in China or South Korea, and they are ruled closely in the United States. Even in Europe, largest sums were established through this model.

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