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The "Bao Ke Meng" mobile game still continues after more than 2 years of launching. Now you can not accept financing in mobile games, Friday to Sunday at the 3F Park and Elf Pokémon Park, "Commit to go! Pikachu / Ibrahimovic", take a look at 8 meters Pikachu and Pikachu & The Ibrahimovic will also appear in the middle of Sanchuang 1F at a & # 39; point, and welcome friends of each size so that they can play.

Do you want to interact with the Pikachu and Ibrahimovic singer! Come to Sanchuang Life Park this weekend. (Sanchuang gave)

Sanchuang Life Park launched "Natural Hearing!" Sanchuang Headphones Festival "from November 16th to November 29th. It offers a unique shift from producer echoes in Sanchuang Hall. Reduced earrings, allowing more users to notify Take advantage of the long-awaited destination materials, as a Christmas gift or their first choice of prize!

Welcome everyone to play "Bao Ke Meng". (Sanchuang gave)

Sanchuang Global has established a famous tailphone brand in the museum. It is often discussed by web browsers in main forums. Sanchuang is the only paradise paradise that can easily learn and buy a mobile phone. Users can also buy their favorite audio phones for the purpose of distributing their audio-visual entertainment.

Love "Pikachu" and "Ibrahimovic". (Sanchuang gave)
B & W P9 Signed scripts. (Sanchuang gave)

Before joining Christmas presents, we will dispose of the sale of special products for a phone, so that more users can take advantage of the waiting products that have been waiting for them as a gift for Christmas presents or prizes.

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