A picture of the teacher is based on a web based learning student


This is a sub-subject subject, but it is expected that students will attend Citizenship Education (GDCD). Not only that, they set up a menu with almost 4,000 conversations unlike their father.


By including a friend, I found a Cam Binh High School, Cam Xuyen (Ha Tinh) area to meet her father. In conversation she said she is a student at Lam Son High School (Thanh Hoa).

"When I went to school I hated GDCD, because it was dry. The teachers who were teaching this discipline at that time were old, the way of communication in an old way of thinking," said Thuy .

As a previous preparation, she entered the University of Vinh University with its main tutors in Literature, but was subsequently imposed on the Political Education Department. However, when he went into school, he drew a Rationale.

Thuy said: "Triet has been listening to most colleges, but I'm really interested in this topic.

A photograph of a Citizenship student tutor is set up as a main page - Picture 1.

Photograph of tutor Nguyen Thi Thuy.

"With the experience learned in the lecture hall, when I was using it, I put it into practice. I saw students quickly with their new communication method, I decided to step up to teach this topic, "said Ms. Thuy.

Students set up a gratitude menu

At Cam Binh High School, students are not known as the "Thuy Citizen Education". Some students often have a "truck", but they are all past and present today.

GDCD is over, dry, lots of theories. In order to avoid the old thinking method, Thuy would create stories that students will be able to; handle the characters.

A portrait of a graduate Education Education course teacher prepared by the students.
A fanpage is created by students to talk about the teacher you are doing.

Thuy: "Its subject has many opportunities to communicate with students about life experience, social behavior so that they live. Now, students are very familiar with the internet, and most of Facebook's social networking sites. So, I also put on Facebook to monitor students, to be educational methods at the time.

A photograph of a Citizenship education student is set up as a leaflet - Picture 3.

Thuy also came to Facebook to interact with the students.

In many cases, she is almost a good student. For example, K.A is the administrator of the fan fan "The Thuy Lovers Society – GDC Cam Binh High School".

An old student, K.A – student B2, K37 – was a teacher's share of the followers: "I was no longer a sleepy sleep, so she had to look at her first class, and she would not let her write her own letters. The book is really Good on red ink just passed; … I keep listening to her love, memories and memory forever! To thank you for a minute to me like that! "
A tutor picture in the subject of civil education students is set up with a menu - Picture 4.

One student won his feelings with Thuy.

This website has almost 4,000 visitors on the page and also close to the number of fans – these are the students whose knowledge was to move through the GDCD.

A strong life to get a sick illness

In addition to the lectures, what makes students more interest and Thuy's love is the energy that rises to life. "There is a strong life on recovering the illness, an amazing life is to give joy to his love, his affectionate heart, that his knowledge is at The individual student & # 39; … she is a good example for classroom. Lean Cam Binh, "wrote an old student about Thuy on Facebook.

For nearly 20 years in its assessment, up to 20 years it has to deal with nephrotic sionndrom. After he has been struggling with his & # 39; illness, she was passionate about participating in school activities and her / her; performing high performance.

In 1998-1999, she won the rank of regional departmental teacher, who had 5 years of experience getting to reach level 4/4; Normal learning followed by the moral example of the Ho Chi Minh area.

Students from the tutor teach a Citizen Education theme organized style style - Picture 5.
Students from the tutor teach a Citizen Education theme set up style - Picture 6.

Some of Thuy's performances have been shared with groups.

Speaking on Thuy, the teacher Nguyen Van Quang – Cam Binh High School Director said: "Despite his illness, Thuy is always hopeful, a life of love, a fire of teachers and students at school. Whatever part-time teaching or responsibilities, she did excellence."

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